Luiz Carlos Trabuco: How He Acquired HSBC Brazil

4:41 pm on May 16, 2018

In 2015, the Bradesco Bank did one of the riskiest and most expensive transactions ever – purchasing the HSBC Brazil for $5.2 billion. The man behind the decision was Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, known as one of the best presidents in the company’s history. The reason behind his decision to purchase HSBC Brazil is simple – he wanted to take Bradesco Bank back to the top.

In the past, Bradesco Bank has always been known as the largest bank in the country. They have billions of assets stored in their vaults, and other investments being handled by the whole company. Thousands of investors are also purchasing their stocks, hoping that with the countless opportunities that the Bradesco Bank has, they could also get their hands on the dividends that they are sending.

Shortly after he was chosen by the board of directors to become the company’s leader in 2009, they presented him with some of the challenges that the bank has to face. The merger of Unibanco and Bradesco Bank in 2009 resulted to the rivals of Bradesco Bank to outperform them. The company served by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi fell behind the ranks of their two closest competitors, and Bradesco Bank must think fast as to how it could respond to the threat coming from their rivals. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, as the new president of the company, had to call his trusted partners and other colleagues in the executive department. They had to talk about possible solutions on how to beat their rivals. One of them smartly stated that Bradesco Bank has to increase its assets and number of clients, for them to be able to beat the merger between Unibanco and Banco Itau.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had a hard time thinking for ways on how he could make the recommendation of one of his colleagues until he realized that he could purchase other financial institutions around the country. Buying a bank makes it possible to transfer all of their assets into the company’s profile according to The president of the Bradesco Bank thought that the idea was brilliant, so he went ahead and started the talks with the HSBC Brazil’s executive circle. He later on presented some books and other academic papers stating that the two giant corporations merger together would become an unbeatable business. He had to speak with the HSBC Brazil for months, and he never surrendered talking to them until they gave him the answer that he was waiting for – HSBC Brazil approves of their resolution to join the Bradesco Bank.

Right after the two parties have signed the contract that was created by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, news about the merger started to appear online. Stockholders are happy and contented with the result, and they are expecting the company’s stock market price to go up. This trend would continue up until 2018 after he announced his retirement as the president of Bradesco Bank. He expressed his hopes that the man who will be succeeded him, Octavio de Lazari Junior as the new president, will do his best to continue the programs that he initiated.

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1:04 am on May 12, 2018

She stands out as a successful plastic surgeon and a philanthropist. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas and attended Anderson High School. Walden took studies at the University of Texas where she graduated with a degree in Biology and later a master’s degree from University of Texas Medical Branch. It was there that she did her residency and after that proceeded to Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for her fellowship in aesthetic surgery. She continued working there for almost eight years after the fellowship. After the birth of her twins, Walden moved back to Austin from New York. She established a private facility in Westlake Hills, Travis County.

Recently, Dr. Jennifer Walden was elected the secretary of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery {ASAPS). Besides, she serves as the Commissioner of Communications for the organization. Additionally, she the first female to ever serve in a leadership role on the board of directors. In her private practice, she offers a variety of cosmetic treatments ranging from breast augmentation, laser resurfacing and others. Walden is known for being one of the first surgeons to use laser technology of labiaplasty and vaginoplasty surgeries. Plus, she uses 3-D imaging technology whereby patients can envision their selves after augmentation surgeries.

Apart from being plastic surgeon, Jennifer offers lectures on the various segment of plastic surgery and often appears on lifestyle TV shows. Her charitable works are remarkable. For example, she was involved in a fundraiser campaign for leukemia research in which she was awarded runners-up for Women of the Year by the Austin Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She is also a member of the Guardian Angel Society, an institution that supports abused children. Moreover, Walden sponsors the Forest Trails Elementary School and the Eanes Education Foundation. Aloof from being a member of ASAPS, she is also a member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. In 2016 and 2017 she was recognized as one of Texas super doctors and Castle Connely’s Top Doctors. In 2014, Jennifer was featured as America’s best beauty surgeons by the Harper’s Bazaar magazine.


Doe Deere – article recap

7:07 pm on May 11, 2018

“Don’t be afraid of makeup and hair color. They will set you free.”


These are the words of Russia-born beauty mogul, Doe Deere.


Deere, who spent the first 17 years of her life in Russia, moved to the United States as a young adult.


She spent some time in New York at the Fashion Institute of Technology before branching off to the West Coast to head her cosmetics company and to reside in sunny LA.


Deere sat down to answer some tough questions for her fans and for unicorns everywhere.


Among them was the question, “How do you come up with your ideas and names for the products?”


Deere responds as she usually does, boldly and with the same general answer: she and her team go back to their roots.


What are their roots?


Being whimsical and loving all things freedom.


Deere loves being herself and loves to encourage other women and girls to be themselves.


So when asked how she and her team would reach a decision for their products’ names and looks, she stated that Lime Crime is a cult brand that offers Deere and her team the opportunity to be their authentic selves.


Because Lime Crime gives them the confidence to be themselves, they aren’t afraid to dig down deep to think up ideas that no other cosmetics company would dare consider incorporating into their brands.


For instance: Polly Pocket eyeshadow palettes.


Other big name companies wouldn’t dare touch colors that are bold as charcoal, bright as candy, or shimmery as a mermaid’s tail, so that leaves that market open to Deere and all of the members of Lime Crime, which leads us to another topic:


Deere was asked what advice she would give aspiring entrepreneurs.


Her response: look for gaps in the market.


Deere found a need that wasn’t being filled: cruelty-free makeup that is safe for animals, safe for consumers, offers bold and bright hues, and gives users nostalgia.


Deere brings one more unique factor to the cosmetics industry: hair dye.


Hair dye in a cosmetics line? No way!


Yes way!


Because that is the way that Deere does things.


Because Lime Crime offers her the freedom to be who she really is, Deere isn’t afraid to offer her customers hair dyes.


She, herself, has been wearing colorful dyes for over 10 years and wanted to share that love with her fellow unicorns.


Deere has drive, belief in herself, and a great product: each of these things make Lime Crime a cult brand, and each of these things help us to see just why Deere has been so successful and why Lime Crime has gained such a following and such adoration. Learn more:

Stream Energy Patch

5:48 pm on April 25, 2018 , , , ,

Recently, Stream Energy featured in Patch for its contribution to corporate philanthropy activities throughout Texas and entire America. The organization uses its Stream Cares in helping the homeless people in Dallas. It is also in partnership with Hope Supply Co. in the mission of eradicating homelessness. It gained fame for its support during the Hurricane Harvey when many Americans suffered great losses of their homes property, pets, and even lives.

Stream Energy used its earned resources from the energy business to ensure that most people recovered what they lost in the incident. It was also a way of reducing financial strains amongst its customers. Based on this act, the company emerged at the top of the corporate social responsibility. Stream Cares Foundation enables the company to effectively give back to the community by offering help to the people in need. As a result, Stream Energy gains a stable client base from confident and loyal customers who take pride in the company’s philanthropy actions.

Moreover, Stream Energy works in collaboration with the Red Cross, Humanitarian Habitat, employees and other corporate leaders to fund grassroots charities and fundraisings. Also, the company works hand in hand with Hope Supply Co. in providing clothes, diapers, school essentials, and many other requirements for the homeless children. Additionally, Stream Energy together with the Salvation Army efficiently handled the Texas Tornado victims back in 2016. They were able to raise enough funds for helping the victims recover their lost homes and business. In another incident, the company and its associates successfully offered moral and financial aid to the Dallas-area veterans as well as their families. The company donated free transport to the less privileged military veterans and their families in a bid to give them a special December treat. Besides, the organization gave 10 girls of the militants a unique Doll Experience where each received an American Girl Doll. Afterwards, the company paid their lunch expenses at the American Girl Cafe.

Nevertheless, Stream Energy proves to be a life savior to so many needy people. The company is consistently devoted towards changing the lives of the less fortunate people in the American society, especially in Dallas.,-TX-jobs.html

Sexual Abuse Trial Attorney Jeff Herman

1:53 am on April 15, 2018

In the world of trial lawyers that represent sexual abuse victims, attorney Jeff Herman sits at the very top. Based in the United States, Jeff Herman has helped victims of rape and child abuse bring their abusers to justice, whether it be criminally or civilly. Herman’s resume in fighting legal battles with sexual abusers is almost legendary. He was one of the main attorneys that punished and exposed two powerful Archdioceses based out of the cities of Miami and Denver. Beyond that astonishing achievement, Jeff Herman is also known worldwide for securing the highest sexual abuse settlement against a church official, which was the $100 million judgment against Rev. Neil Doherty.

As might be expected, Mr. Herman’s law firm, named Herman Law, has its finger on the pulse of national and international legal developments in sexual abuse law. The law firm has recently been closely following the progress of the Child Victims Act (S.809) as it makes its way through a GOP run Senate. The act has been brought into the US national spotlight with the help of actor Corey Feldman and professional volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard, both of whom suffered from horrible sexual abuse in the past. Feldman and Powers-Barnhard are not alone in ensuring that the Child Victims Act passes into law, assisting them are the powerful New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators group.

If you have not heard any details regarding the Child Victims Act, it is an act that aims to take away all criminal and civil statutes of limitations from rape and sexual abuse charges. US national law currently mandates that victims of sexual abuse file legal complaints with a court within 5 years of the crime taking place. Civil law, generally the arena in which sexual abuse victims monetarily seek justice for crimes committed against them, has an even shorter statute of limitations window, where victims are required to file a case against a sexual predator within 1-3 years of the crime taking place. If the Child Victims Act does indeed pass into law, then one interesting caveat is that it will have a retroactive component, where any sexual abuse victim can criminally or civilly file a case against an abuser stretching back 50 years from the date of the act passing into law.

With the recent landslide of sexual abuse allegations against many rich and powerful celebrities and noteworthy people, it is thought that the GOP Senate will pass the act in order to secure voters who are increasingly disturbed and angered by what appears to be somewhat soft laws in place to prosecute sexual predators across the nation.

Roberto Santiago Investment Tips

6:52 am on March 24, 2018

There is a rapid growth of the world’s population. There are millions of graduates exiting the higher education institutions every year. The job market cannot absorb all the graduates. The phenomenon has led to the high global unemployment rate. Roberto Santiago tells people not to complain about the lack of jobs. Roberto tells people to focus on being job creators. He believes that it is more enjoyable when a person does not have to look for work. He challenges people to shun comfort zones. He wants them to work hard.

Roberto Santiago empowers people to face the world with confidence and positive attitude. He prepares people to make an income after school. He convinces people to turn their joblessness into opportunities. Roberto Santiago’s birthplace is Joao Pessoa. He grew up in Joao Pessoa. He went to Pio X-Marist College. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He believes that an entrepreneur is better than an employee.

Roberto observes that most entrepreneurs gain greater job satisfaction. Roberto is an entrepreneur. He founded the Cartonnage Company. The Cartonnage Company makes cartons. The company makes cartons from card-boards. Santiago likes challenges. He believes that there is an opportunity in every challenge. He is creative, dynamic, and talented. He has ventured into the real estate business too. He bought a piece of land and set up Manaira Mall. He tells entrepreneurs to be patient in their entrepreneurial journey. Santiago waited for a number of years to accomplish his dream.

Roberto Santiago believes in the principle of total quality management. He believes that a company succeeds when it focuses on exceeding customer expectations. Santiago’s mall offers high-quality services. The mall offers services such as a gaming area, a gym area, and business areas. Roberto explains that the mall advanced fittings. It also has modern installations such as high-tech music and good air conditioners. He advises entrepreneurs to thoroughly research before entering any business.

Roberto advocates for investors to diversify. Diversification mitigates risks. An entrepreneur is able to bounce back from the failure of one sector or business. Santiago owns a number of companies. Many people envy his character. Santiago supports charity. He also offers entertainment services to people. He inspires entrepreneurs to work hard and to endure pain. He tells entrepreneurs to be passionate and committed.


Succeeding in Music with Clay Hutson the Sound Engineer

5:57 pm on March 16, 2018

Successful musicians would agree that music is a challenging career to pursue given the dynamics involved in the pursuit. Clay Hutson is one example of a successful musician who invested time and resources to succeed in the ever-transforming industry. Mr. Clay has been in the industry for more than two decades. He takes his music career seriously. To him, the artistic part of the deal must also be considered. Clay Hutson has vast experience in music production and stage management. These abilities make him a leader in the competitive industry.




Clay is a resident of Glendale. He works in Hollywood. As a sound engineer, his tasks involve making sure that the stage is set for performance. Clay Hutson works hard to ensure that clients enjoy unique performances. He is known for his commitment to providing state-of-the-art machines for music production. His passion is managing live productions. So far, he has been able to deliver impeccable services. His clients testify to this. Clay Hutson loves animation. He also likes fashionable hats. He picked this hobby from his father.




To start off, Clay Hutson’s first performance was with DiGiCo’s SD11. The digital mixing console produces live audio mixing. He loved the size as they are portable. Since he enjoys travelling, this was a perfect set. Clay’s choice relied on how easy it was to carry the items around. He could even slide the DiGiCo’s below the bus. He enjoyed carrying them around.


Stage Management


In matters of stage set-up, Clay Hutson is of the opinion that the size of the stage should not affect a musician’s performance. He continues to say that for a concert to be memorable, the artist should be creative. Clay Hutson also thinks that artists should improve their skills by practising.




Clay Hutson founded a production company. He is the head cheerleader. He has a team of professionals equipped to offer some of the world’s, best services in entertainment. Clay Hutson’s company provides the following services:

  • Stage management
  • Production design
  • Production management
  • Logistics management
  • Monitor engineering


In addition, the company provides tours and travel services. Clay Hutson makes sure that his team works with clients to provide high-standard services. His tour services cover America and Europe.


Additional Information


Clay Hutson is an experienced event manager. He is dedicated and passionate about music. For young individuals who need a role model, Clay Hutson fits the bill. Learn more:

Shiraz Boghani: Drawing Golden Lines In The UKs Hospitality Industry

12:57 am on March 8, 2018

Shiraz Boghani is a highly successful entrepreneur who captured imaginary success in the hospitality sector. He is best known as the founder cum Chairman of Britain’s premier limited servicing hotel network, Splendid Hospitality Group. It can be said that Boghani was drawing a golden line to the hospitality industry of the country in the early 1990s. He foresaw the growing size of international travelers who are visiting the cities of the United Kingdom and understood that the cities of the country do not have budget hotels that can offer excellent quality service to the visitors. Boghani also counted the large number of people traveling to different cities within the country.

Therefore, he established Splendid Hospitality Group in the early 1990s by introducing a novel concept of limited service hotels. Boghani ensured that the group is not stopping anywhere and ramped up the development plans. The efforts of Boghani and his team ensured significant additions of hotel rooms in the country to attract people from around the world. Interestingly, Splendid Hospitality Group not only ensured the United Kingdom to get significant revenue in tourism, but it also helped the entire European region to change the prospects of tourism. Today, the group has 19 operating hotels in different cities of the country. It also has another six hotel projects currently in different phases of development.

Shiraz Boghani has received some prestigious awards for his contributions to the hospitality sector of the country. In 2016, he was named as the Hotelier Of The Year during the Asian Business Awards program. The judging panel of the Awards confirmed that Boghani played a major role in developing some of the best hotel projects in the country under the Splendid Hospitality Group. Boghani is also actively involved in different philanthropic initiatives. He is the Joint Chairman of the famous senior living network called Sussex Health Care.

Under his supervision, the network is offering personal care to each individual admitted to the homes of the senior living network. Sussex Health Care also offers specialized care for people who are struggling with highly critical health conditions including Dementia, Neurological issues, and more. While coming to Shiraz Boghani, he has nearly three decades of expertise in the hospitality industry. Though he was born in Kenya, Boghani migrated to the United Kingdom in 1969. Shiraz Boghani completed his chartered accountancy and began working with a small accounting firm. Later, he moved to Thomson McLintock & Co, which is now renamed as KPMG.


Jacob Gottlieb

9:12 pm on February 22, 2018

A man who who straddles two worlds, and does it well. These are the words that can describe Dr. Jacob Gottlieb . Dr. Jacob Gottlieb , has straddled the worlds of finance and medicine for most of his career. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he’s the son of an economist who teaches at City University of New York. And his mother is a pediatrician. Gottlieb graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University with a BA in economics. Unsatisfied, he then went on to earn a medical degree from New York University. According to Gottlieb the world of finance and medicine is very similar. He says “Essentially, a doctor is a risk manager,”. “Doctors tend to be very good at planning, thinking through issues methodically and cutting off risks before a problem arises”. “In medicine you have to adhere to a system and a process so you can understand what is going on and take appropriate action,” he says. Gottlieb takes this methodical approach into everything he does.


He’s a man filled with vision, determination, hope, and tenacity. He especially needs this tenacity in the ever changing world in which he operates. As the founder of the New York-based Visium Asset Management, which today manages $3.5 billion dollars in assets, he has built a health care fund that has consistently outperformed most hedge funds in the market. Most men would be satisfied with this amount of success. But, Gottlieb understands that today’s success can be tomorrow’s failure.


As such, Gottlieb ‘s next step is transforming Visium from a health care based fund into a multi products, multi-strategy hedge fund. But, this will not be without its challenges. Multi-Strategy hedge funds are notorious for difficult risk management, and lack of transparency. But Gottlieb is ready to take on these challenges, as he has done all his life. Backed by top talent, a well thought-out strategy, and the faith of some of the largest names in the industry, Gottlieb is ready to take the multi-product, multi-strategy hedge fund world by storm.


Yet, Gottlieb has a heart for more than just finance. He also contributes his time and money to supporting various charities. One of which is non-profit Covenant House. Covenant House sees that there is a crisis of homelessness with the children in America. And as their website says “ no kids chooses this fate. Help us save these young lives and build a future they never dream they’d see”. Dr. Gottlieb helps change the future of these kids, one trade at a time.


A Man’s Powerful Story and his Work against Contraband Phones in Inmates’ Hands

5:56 am on February 14, 2018

Robert Johnson has lived the past seven years with a simple mission, and that is to keep cell phone out of reach for inmates and prevent them from going online. His purpose is especially crucial as it poses a danger to the community when inmates go online and start live streaming. Such cases became too common last year as there was a boom in live streaming from within the prison cells around the summer months.


Securus Technologies released a wireless containment system to curb that spike. Robert Johnson is currently working at the corporation as a consultant. In the past, Robert Johnson was employed at the Lee Correctional Institute located in South Caroline. Robert Johnson had had 15 years of experience in the industry of corrections, and in 2010, his primary responsibility was to confiscate contraband from inmates.


The same year, Rober Johnson was attacked in his home by an inmate. The suspects were a prison gang who had lost a large package of contraband which was valued by them at 50 000 dollars. The hit happened around 6 in the morning when Johnson was preparing for work. He struggled but the man was large, and he shot him six times in different part of the chest and stomach, all delivered from less than six feet away. Robert Johnson had several surgeries dying twice on the operating table and coming back to it to live another day.


Later a man named Sean Echols was arrested and put in prison for attempted murder. Echols was a foremer convict who had received orders to kill Johnson for money. He was contacted through the contraband phone from within prison.


Now, Robert Johnson has as many as 23 surgeries behind his back and experiences severe pain on a daily basis due to the trauma. He has spent the past seven years trying to remove contraband cell phones from the hands of inmates. Those cell phones are used for more than just going online. Inmates call people on the outside to do their bidding, ordering hits. One of the most disturbing cases happened in Georgia. A baby was shot in the arms of his mother only because an inmate disliked the uncle of the bay.


Such bone-chilling cases happen often and will continue to happen as long as contraband phones reach the hands of inmates. Robert Johnson now works at Securus Technologies who have blocked more than 1.7 million unauthorized calls made by inmates.