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A New Study by Baylor University Demonstrates That the Eterneva Memorial Diamonds Can Act As Effective Anchor Items

Science has been able to aid humanity with a number of different health issues over the decades. But, sadly, where we find life we’ll inevitably experience death. Science might not be able to hold death at bay for eternity. But a recent study by Eterneva and Baylor University shows that the celebration of that life might be an eternal process. Read more at Medium

It’s perfectly natural to experience grief after the death of a loved one. But Dr. Candi Cann of Baylor University believes that we have a considerable level of control over how this process plays out. She’s applied her background with the psychology of grieving to a unique service offered by Eterneva. The company is able to create memorial diamonds out of the cremated remains of a loved one.

Dr. Cann believes that the diamonds can act as a particularly effective anchor item. The term anchor item refers to an object upon which we can anchor the complex feelings associated with grief. An effective anchor item helps to transform the negative aspects of grief into something more positive.

We typically feel a quite understandable sadness when we think about someone we’ve lost. One of the larger issues with this fact is that it’s hard to bring the deceased into our new positive experiences. This leads to a situation where we often feel as if we’re abandoning the people we love.

People often feel as if the only way to move forward is by letting go of those we’ve loved and lost. But an effective anchor item gives us the ability to carry part of the loved one with us into the future. What’s more, attractive anchor items like Eterneva’s diamonds ensure that we associate positive feelings with the deceased.

So far the study has been able to effectively prove that Eterneva’s memorial diamonds serve as an excellent anchor item. This means that it’s a superb way to help people work with their grief in a constructive way. The research also demonstrates that the memorial diamonds will help people celebrate their lost loved ones rather than staying moored in grief.

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