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Abdulla AL Humaidi: London Theme Park Reveals New Plans before Its 2024 Opening

Abdulla Al Humaidi, the Kuwaiti-owned $3.6 billion London theme park developer, outlined a new attraction concept ahead of its 2024 opening. The resort was launched by the London Resort Company Holdings. It was backed by Abdulla Al Humaidi’s Kuwaiti European Holdings in October 2012. It is located on Swanscombe Peninsula. Seventeen minutes drive from central London.


The outstanding London Resort Theme Park project has partnered with ITV Studios, Hollywood Studio Paramount, and BBC for themed attractions and rides, Abdulla Al Humaidi informs. The developer has also released four visual tours showing the park’s latest plans. According to the CEO of London Resort Company Holding, PY Gerbeau, they are establishing an exceptional theme park, a resort that maximizes the world’s new, interactive and immersive experiences and technologies.


PY Gerbeau notes that they aren’t just creating a global leisure destination and a sustainable theme park. They will be building the park in phases, the first one being launched in 2024 and the next phase after five years, PY Gerbeau. Abdulla Al Humaidi maintains that the London Resort entrance will be through a grand plaza that leads hotel guests and visitors via the High Street with restaurants, shops, waterpark, and convention center.

Abdulla Al Humaidi describes the Studios as a modern-day, resolute warehouse with fast action rides. Its woods will be a magical kingdom where fantasy and reality dissolve, springtime controls life, and have attractions from fables, fairy tales, and bedtime stories. Abdulla Al Humaidi finally adds that the London theme park was stipulated for construction in 2016, but it had delays due to management and structural changes over the years. Numerous consultations are set to happen on construction and planning approval matters. According to LRCH, the park will have approximately 3500 hotel rooms and create more than 30,000 employment opportunities.