Community Leader, Mental Health

Asot Michael: Mental Health is Mandatory

Since the start of 2020, everyone in the society has tried hard to live with the worldwide pandemic crisis. Everyone was at an imminent risk of getting the disease and losing their lives. When the healthcare department is dealing with a serious crisis like the one witnessed in the past few months, everyone gets worried. No one was spared by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. People and businesses who felt that they had their lives in order have discovered that they could not handle the pressure brought by the serious pandemic (Crunchbase). 


In the economic department, everyone, including the government, is crying about the effects of the disease. Asot Michael feels the pressure from the citizens because he is a leader in the society. Having served the Antigua and Barbuda society for so long, Asot Michael is aware of the challenges everyone is facing. Many individuals have come to seek help from the leader, and he has offered several mechanisms to cope. After evaluating the effects of the pandemic on the global community, Asot Michael has now realized that people are dealing with a lot of mentality. The mental health of the society is significantly determined by the state of the economy. When the economy is going down the drain, many people are always dealing with too much pressure. 


During harsh times such as the current one, Asot Michael asks Americans to be cautious about their well-being. The well-being of an individual is not only about the physical health. The state of mind has to be perfect before someone says that they are doing well. When you are doing well mentally and physically, you will never have to worry about pandemics because your body will cope, Asot Michael points out. People are currently very keen on their physical health because they do not want to get the viral disease. The state of your physical health can only be ideal when mental health is given a first priority. People are no longer allowed to move around and interact with one another like in the past. The loneliness and economic challenges are keeping many people in dark places. It’s time for everyone to start realizing that their mental health is vital.