Be More Confident With Carl Daikeler

BeachbodyCarl Daikeler is an American entrepreneur, fitness buff and advocate for self-improvement. His ability to encourage others to be, feel and do their best allows him to change lives for the better. He lives his passion, and every day on the job at BeachBody is like a dream for him. Over the past 23 years as BeachBody’s president, Mr. Daikeler has helped countless people reach their fitness goals, boost their confidence and get stronger, healthier and more fit.

Personality, Passion and Philosophy

Carl Daikeler is an outgoing individual who loves to be with people. He listens more than he talks, and that is what has allowed him to create products and services that align with people’s needs. His passion is for whole-body wellness, He does what it takes to keep his own body fit and strong, and he has learned how to help others find the motivation, time and resources to do the same thing. Mr. Daikeler’s philosophy is that everyone has it within them to make positive changes, but they might need a helping hand to make it through the hard work of affecting those changes.

Early Career

Mr. Daikeler’s career has had a couple of stages. He worked for the National Football League after completing his bachelor’s degree at Ithaca College in 1986. He used his organizational management degree to develop halftime shows for the audience of each game. After he reached his full potential at the NFL, he shifted to a specialized niche of media: paid advertisements. He worked with a variety of growing businesses, small companies and entrepreneurs to create engaging content about their products.

BeachbodyBeachBody CEO

In 1998, Carl Daikeler went out on his own and launched BeachBody. He started it as a small set of exercise DVDs that people new to fitness could do at home. They offered an affordable, convenient and effective way to exercise. He went on to create Insanity, P90X and other popular series. He also devised Shakeology, a protein mix for healthy meal replacements. In 2015, he launched an on-demand exercise streaming service. The 2018 app, OpenFit, complemented BeachBody’s workouts.