Bob Reina Discusses Road to Entrepreneur Success

10:29 am on June 20, 2017

Over the past decade or so we’ve seen the explosion of video marketing as it became one of the biggest aspects that businesses can pay attention to. Video marketing, thanks to the prevalence of the internet and smart technology, is more important than ever. Leading the charge has been Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that was created in 2007 with the intent of bringing video communication and mobile data solutions to companies around the wold. Reina’s tireless work has been integral in making it happen and entrepreneurs would do well to pay attention to his story. Learn more:


You’d have to go way back to 2005 or so in order to get the full and broad strokes of Bob Reina’s story. At one point in time he was working as a police officer and during this tenure he was working an off beat gig when a network marketing executive got to talking to him. The two began talking and soon Reina was fully immersed in the concept of marketing on the internet. The business just seemed to ring true to Reina. Reina says, “This industry completely changed my life, but it didn’t come without challenges.”


Reina even points out that there would be times that his phone bill was larger than his commission check. This, however, wasn’t the route that Talk Fusion would take. Reina and Talk Fusion leaped out of the gates and found success nearly instantly. The reason? Talk Fusion was bringing a product to market that was more than just ready, it was in demand. Learn more :


Talk Fusion ultimately succeeded because Bob Reina was as excited about his product as his customers. He spent the weeks preceding the companies launch calling potential businesses and explaining what he was bringing to market. By the time he was ready to launch nearly all of his target customers were on board.


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  1. Adams Shaw says:

    In any case, challenges are just difficulties when you can appreciate defeating thing. Reina calls attention to that his initial involvement in arrange promoting, outside of Talk Fusion, was loaded with issues that he needed to survive. It makes sense in which could do all that they need which is very easy for them all to do the needful too.