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Build Self-confidence Through Beachbody

ShakeologWhen it comes to self-confidence, Carl Daikeler has a life’s mission to help people. His goal is to show people that they have it in them to be fit, active, healthy and confident about the way they look, function and feel. His Beachbody program makes it possible for anyone to start exercising and feel better about the strength they have in their body and their mind.

Daikeler got his start as a producer for the NFL’s halftime events. After a five-year stint in the industry, he moved on to producing infomercials. The infomercial industry demonstrated to Daikeler that a lot of people have the determination to get fit, but something else is getting in their way. For many of them, it was the inconvenience of having to go to the gym. For others, shame about how they look was the main problem. Still others had trouble finding childcare or transportation to a gym.

Carl Daikeler got around all of these issues with his Beachbody exercise program. He and a co-founder developed and launched the program in 1998. Though they started small, with a set of about 12 DVDs with different workouts a person could do at home with a minimal amount of exercise equipment, high demand led them to rapidly create more videos. Daikeler is featured in many of them, which is a testament to his character that he believes in what he does.


In 2009, Daikeler and his associates added Shakeology to the program. They observed that the American time crunch often caused people to turn to fast food for nourishment. However, a fast food-based diet leads to insufficient fiber and protein and too many calories. Shakeology is a protein mix that a user combines with the dairy or plant milk of their choice. The vegan or whey-based Shakeology powder creates a satisfying shake that fills nutritional gaps and creates a sensation of fullness. This reduces overeating.

When combined with Beachbody workouts, Shakeology helps people lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI. Daikeler and his team added an on-demand workout service as well as an app for live workouts.