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Data Systems International: Equipping Control Solutions For Your inventory

With over 40 years of experience servicing both the manufacturing and retail industries in providing inventory control solutions. Data Systems International has streamlined operations for any industry from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to high-tech and retail stores using a wide variety of custom-designed electronic and mechanical systems.

Data Systems International’s developed the Cloud Inventory system to improve efficiency on the factory floor while creating an audit trail for retailers. The system uses radiofrequency tags affixed to all items where inventory levels need to be easily monitored or checked against sales records at the point of sale.

DSI Global has developed a technology solution Cloud Inventory, designed to establish a secure, scalable, and manageable software application for any industry requiring electronically controlled access.

DSI CEO Mark Goode noted that the latest release of cloud inventory brings a change in the management of inventory controls that has never been possible before. He opines that there are several customers using cloud inventory to control access to their warehouses.

Also, it manages items in any environment that require controlled access, including hospitals and other health care facilities. It’s the only company providing this type of solution that is secure, scalable, and customized.

The full spectrum of inventory control products includes; Point-of-sale Terminals, Wireless Retail Solutions such as Bar Code which link to your point of sale system. Also, Wireless Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) uses low-frequency tags, thus not affecting product display or customer’s health. Similarly, the Inventory Control for manufacturing environments, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Order Picking Solutions, and bar code labeling products.

The company works to develop creative new methods of improving its inventory control systems for improved efficiency and lower costs. Moreover, the company has a group dedicated solely to research and development, which allows them to keep up with ever-changing industry requirements. Go to this page for more information.


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