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Data Systems International Launches New Cloud-Based Inventory Solution

DSI Global is one of the leading providers of digital inventory control solutions across the world. The company recently launched a new version of Cloud Inventory. This new platform is a cloud-based solution that provides producers and distributors with the ability to control and monitor their inventory in real-time with the highest level of accuracy.

With this new platform, DSI has been able to come up with a disruptive technology that will give rise to new perspectives on inventory management while ensuring inventory optimization, revenue generation and, more importantly, boost compliance.

This new technology is a mobile-first, cloud-based solution that offers users a chance to keep tabs on the Jobsite supplies, materials both in the warehouse and outside, inventory tools and assets. The technology has further been improved to provide users with real-time visibility into the condition, location and authenticity of their assets, materials and inventory at any point.

Data Systems International has also equipped this technology with the ability to rely on precise information on inventory in real-time, allowing businesses to make informed decisions regarding inventory management on time to ensure production is at optimum.

DSI Global has also made the platform user-friendly, making it easy for users to monitor their inventory regardless of the level. The platform has also been designed to be easily accessible from mobile devices with an interface featuring dashboards that allows you to monitor and improve your supply chain’s performance.

DSI Global has, in the last four decades, gained insight into the importance of adapting to new trends when it comes to keeping tabs on and controlling inventory. It is for this reason that D.S.I. built a flexible, low-code software that gives users an opportunity to integrate the platform with software to ensure the business is able to evolve. DSI Global designed this new system to be highly configurable and can be applied in multiple industries such as construction, manufacturing, oil and energy and manufacturing, among others. Visit this page to learn more.


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