Business Leader

Dave Antrobus, Co-Founder and Technology Director of the Fresh Thinking Group

Dave Atrobus.Dave Antrobus is a successful businessman who serves as the co-founder and technology director of Fresh Thinking Group. Antrobus has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and technology executive.

He is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide and a part of NXTP Labs, an organization that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Antrobus has been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Mashable, and many more.

Dave Antrobus has been recognized as a significant technology icon across the globe. He is a presence in the Perth startup and tech community and has advocated for multiple successful initiatives that helped create a thriving local startup ecosystem. Antrobus Co-founded the Fresh Thinking Group with other business partners such as Scott Dylan.

The Fresh Thinking Group provides technology-related solutions to growing tech companies. The organization has helped many companies grow successfully and create a thriving startup ecosystem in the United Kingdom, among other parts of the globe.

Antrobus uses his unique technology skills to develop excellent technology solutions that aid the organization in acquiring potential investment opportunities that generate significant income. The Fresh Thinking Group has created advanced marketing strategies that provide exposure to the companies they work with.

The formation of the organization was a result of helping developing companies attain their goals in the business industry. Dave Antrobus wanted to develop a working platform for marketing, sales, and development that would help other companies acquire the exposure they needed and extensive technology skills.

Antrobus helped lead the team in developing a unique technology sector for Fresh Thinking Group through his extensive knowledge of content production and online marketing strategies. The organization has grown to the point where it offers tech companies comprehensive services, including social media assistance, online marketing solutions, and talent recruitment.

The company has become the leading organization in the tech industry for developing top-notch technology solutions to aid companies with their growth and development. Dave Antrobus has been an active leader in helping other entrepreneurs provide technology solutions that help companies grow and prosper while also giving them exposure across the globe. This has helped them attain their goals in business.