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Desiree Perez: A Remarkable Change Agent

Billboard has added a new segment called Change Agents in their Power Players List. Billboard takes time to identify influential musicians worldwide for their annual list publications. The list is divided into different parts like nationality, genre, or Indie. Billboard decided to add the new Change Agents section in 2020.

The pandemic affected so many people in 2020, and the music industry suffered immensely. Amidst the pandemic, people were suffering from police brutality. Nonetheless, there were musicians who, amidst the catastrophes, instilled real change. Apart from the artists, Billboard paid keen attention to all parties involved from labeling, distributing, and streaming. Previously, Billboard would focus on the artist alone, but things are different with the Change Agent chapter. Billboard named Desiree Perez as the CEO and Change Agent.

Desiree Perez founded Roc Nation in 2009 alongside Jay-Z. She served in the company as the Chief Operating Officer for ten years. In 2019, Desiree was named the CEO. She serves as the CEO of Roc Nation, where she heads the philanthropic division. Through her leadership, Roc Nation has been advocating against racial injustice. The multiservice entertainment company has been offering its support to lawyers handling racial-injustice-related cases. The company has partnered with the NFL in sensitizing the public about racial and social injustice. Billboard has recognized the philanthropic work of Desiree Perez through Roc Nation.

Perez has dedicated her philanthropic career to fight and speak up for the voiceless. She believes that she and others in power have a platform and an opportunity to create awareness. Through building awareness, Perez believes that the nation will be free from injustices. In Roc Nation, Desiree is in charge of new business opportunities, philanthropic work, TV and film development, publishing, and music. Billboard recognized Perez as the Executive of the Year during their Women in Music Awards event.