Desiree Perez, Woman in Music

Desiree Perez and the philanthropic efforts at Roc Nation

Desiree Perez has been the chief executive officer at Roc Nation. The company offers entertainment management services. Those who are eager to access top-quality entertainment management services can rely on the company. They have been coming up with the right strategies that make them achieve great success in their efforts. With the big success they have been attracting in managing musicians, the company also runs a philanthropic wing where they help to deal with different societal issues in the community, such as racial discrimination.

Full-service entertainment company

The Roc is a full entertainment company. They have been helping different experts in the entertainment industry deal with different issues. The steps they take have made them known. A famous musician started it. After starting the company, Jay-Z left it under the management of Desiree Perez. She has worked hard to ensure the company runs successfully.

Team Roc philanthropic efforts

The company has a philanthropic wing that aims at addressing different issues in the community. There are different issues of racial injustices that affect people in the community. Desiree Perez decided to form a team of eight people who will address different issues in the community. Big influencers are associated with the company. When they stand out to address different vices in the community, it becomes easy to tackle different issues that face people in the community.

Social justice issues

Some of the social issues they deal with include issues such as racial discrimination. The weak in the community face different challenges; when they get help from renowned people, it becomes easy for them to deal with the different issues. They have been at the forefront of offering top-quality services that have made people enjoy the best experience in dealing with a wide range of issues. To improve lives, they have worked out to point out the most vulnerable people in the community.