DFINITY Strives to Achieve Blockchain Singularity

DFINITYBlockchain technology has the potential to alter economies, societies and more through its functionality, but it has not yet achieved its full potential. One of the reasons for its mediocre impact on the road has been the prevalence of private platforms. DFINITY’s primary goal is to bring blockchain into everyday life on a wide-scale basis, and it hopes to achieve that goal through its Internet Computer. In fact, it is operating on the premise that blockchain singularity can be achieved through this public-access platform.

Many people are actively standing behind DFINITY’s efforts to bring a public-access platform into mainstream society. In fact, the company raised more than $100 million in 2018 through investor contributions. These funds were used to finalize the development of the Internet Computer and to progressively improve the technology. Compared to private-access platforms, this blockchain platform promotes the expansive use of smart contracts because of its affordability and predictability. It is also far more efficient because it does not utilize an intermediary in its operation. Instead, peer-to-peer communications are supported via secure subnet nodes. Another standout feature of the Internet Computer is the Service Nervous System, or the SNS. The system’s dapps are both token-based and decentralized so that developers can more easily make upgrades.

Dfinity Foundation

A growing number of supporters are enthusiastically waiting for the platform’s full release, and these individuals include node providers, blockchain enthusiasts and cryptocurrency market participants. DFINITY continues to identify areas that require improvement and to enhance the platform as needed. Because the Internet Computer is progressively being improved, DFINITY continues to strive for its highest use.