DFINITY USA May Reshape Cloud Computing With the Internet Computer

DFINITY USAIn 2018, DFINITY USA created the Internet Computer, which was a pioneering development since it was the world’s first public blockchain. Today, DFINITY is still working to expand and improve the Internet Computer, and its mission moving forward is to make it a commonplace feature in everyday life. The algorithm-governed platform has a growing user base. Ownership remains public, and DFINITY designed the Internet Computer to distribute tokens as a way to keep it public. By staking tokens in the platform’s network, anyone can use it. Currently, its biggest use is delivering smart contracts. Because of its design, the platform allows for vast scalability. Since it is public, there are no cost fluctuations, which means cost predictability for users. Apps and other programs that use the platform enjoy advanced cryptography and equal security.

After DFINITY USA raised over $100 million in funding to launch and develop the Internet Computer, the platform grew to be far more valuable than the investment. Part of its value is in is vast abilities, which span beyond the basic ledger that people think of when they hear the word “blockchain.” To show how the platform could be utilized for other applications, DFINITY created a test project based in Switzerland to mimic a popular social media platform that is corporately owned. The public variation performed well and could have been a great competitor for the entity if it were kept active.

DFINITY USAAs DFINITY USA plans for the future and sets new goals in addition to making the Internet Computer a common fixture in digital life, it hopes to reshape cloud computing and reduce reliance on server farms. The design of the Internet Computer has already proven that the goals are attainable and reasonable. However, DFINITY relies on the contributed work of talented programmers to expand and develop the Internet Computer. DFINITY USA encourages other developers who are passionate about open-source platforms and blockchain security to participate by lending their talents.