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DSI Cloud Inventory Integrates Its Field Inventory With Salesforce

Among the pioneers of inventory management solutions, Data Systems International integrates its Cloud Inventory and Field Inventory solutions in its CRM platform. The integration enables the Salesforce users to capture accurate data and inventory and reply to tickets in good time while on the field. Salesforce, being cloud-based, provides CRM services together with a compatible suite of enterprise and business applications. DSI looks at integrating its Cloud-based system and its Field Inventory apps to hone the field services in the Salesforce CRM.

The integrated Field Inventory applications are cloud-based and mobile-first, facilitating the field operations. The integrated apps enable the users to identify the location of tools and inventory in real-time when on the field. The relationship between Cloud Inventory and Field Inventory has made the work of the Salesforce customers easier. Salesforce customers can track their inventory while issuing service orders through mobile devices. Field technicians get to complete their work orders within minimal time. They update their work status using the app by ensuring that data is entered in the field immediately and processed to the rest of the CRM system for efficiency in customer response.

Companies using Salesforce understand the vitality of CRM. CRM is integral in the success of such companies. The real-time visibility provided enables the users to meet customers’ demands for field services promptly. As a result, they also become more efficient and compliant in handling field service orders.

Cloud Inventory solutions help empower companies, ensuring that all points of the supply chain enjoy real-time inventory visibility.

When integrated with Field Inventory, DSI Cloud-based system is a robust software solution that can take a CRM system a notch higher. The integration of Salesforce with these applications gives one an edge regarding customer relationship management. It boosts your marketing, commerce, sales, IT, and service delivery to ensure you keep your clients satisfied. See related link for more information.


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