Fabletics Reveals Plan To Open More Stores Around The World

6:29 am on June 12, 2017

Now that Kate Hudson’s athletic clothing brand Fabletics is in its fourth year and valued at over $250 million, it’s safe to say that the Hollywood actress is more than just another celebrity who launched a product line in an attempt to stay relevant in the public eye. In fact, Hudson’s ability to come up with risky business strategies has turned the company into such a success that it continues to sell more athletic gear than Amazon each year.


Most recently, Hudson announced her plan to open up Fabletics stores around the world over the next five years. The company tested this strategy out a couple of years ago by strategically placing just a handful of brick-and-mortar Fabletics stores around the country.


What makes Fabletics stores unique is that they are reverse showrooms. While online retail continues to put physical stores out of business, Hudson is using these stores to support the brand’s online presence. Customers who shop in Fabletics stores are encouraged to sign up to the company’s online VIP membership program, a subscription service that charges $49.95 each month for a complete workout ensemble that is sent to the subscriber’s home on a monthly basis.


The reverse showroom strategy has been successful for tech companies such as Apple. However, Hudson is the first to use this strategy for fashion retail. By giving customers the ability to explore Fabletics workout clothing items in person, they feel confident that they are getting quality products when they join the online membership program.


The physical Fabletics stores are stocked using online data gathered from the brand’s website as well as its social media presence.


The stores also integrate the Fabletics website into the customer’s shopping experience using innovative technology. When a shopper brings an item into a dressing room to try it on, the item appears in their online Fabletics shopping cart.


The success of the reverse showroom strategy demonstrates Hudson’s knowledge of what the modern fashion consumer wants from a brand. The convenience factor of the subscription service combined with the focus on developing personal relationships with customers in Fabletics stores has earned Hudson a reputation for being a bold and sharp entrepreneur.


Each day, she studies sales numbers and researches new marketing strategies for her brand. The fact that the company stocks a wider variety of sizes than most exercise apparel brands has also earned Fabletics many devoted subscribers.


If you are interested in joining the Fabletics VIP membership program, you can fill out the lifestyle quiz on the brand’s website so that Fabletics will personalize each monthly outfit based on your individual style.

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