George Soros: The Democrats Powerhouse

4:29 am on November 30, 2016

George Soros is the Democrat’s strongest ally and donor. George Soros is a Hungarian born billionaire living in New York. Soros has been a key supporter of Hillary Clinton for over 25 years.

Soros increased his donations because he believed the stakes are high in this election. Prior to the 2016 election, George Soros temporarily halted his donating after spending $27 million towards defeating President George W. Bush in 2004. Economists estimate that Soros has amassed a fortune of $24.9 billion. While super PACs cannot coordinate their spending strategies with the campaign, Soros’ intellect and political knowledge has given him the ability to

During the early stages of the 2016 election cycle, Soros gave $2 million to three key pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC’s including Priorities USA Action and American Bridge 21st Century. George Soros has been a strong donor for the Democrats because he believes they are the ones who can solve the problems that concern him the most, including immigration reform, criminal justice reform and religious tolerance.

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Soros’s knowledge of the economy allows him to know when the right time to give money to certain candidates or issues is. Soros has become more politically engaged because of the hostility shown by Donald Trump during the campaign through rhetoric and his policy issues.

George Soros has successfully united a party behind certain candidates or issues that matter to him, resulting in certain policies to be put in place by the government. After Donald Trump’s victory on Election Day, George Soros met with several influential Democrats including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and representatives of several unions, to strategize and reboot the Democrats heading into 2020.

Soros wants to work with Democrats to halt certain pieces of legislation Donald Trump plans on signing into law. Soros is working with top Democrats to protect Obamacare and key parts of his legacy. During the private retreat,

Soros’ influence and money allowed Hillary Clinton to build a massive financial advantage over the Trump campaign and its supporters. George Soros has donated $5 million to an organization who fights back against attempts to restrict voting. Soros’ funding has helped Democrats and their leaders ensure that policy makers are truly listening to the voters and not just themselves.

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  1. Badmus says:

    The political world will continue to be shaped by Soros’ and his like minded financial moguls. During the 2016 election, George Soros donated more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other key Democrats. This is indeed the surest way for to maximize on their earnings this year.