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Greg Blatt, AIC’s Legal Expert And His Biography

Greg Blatt is an expert in law, business management, and entertainment law. He is in-charge of overseeing operations at Match Group and Tinder. He is tasked with overseeing the firm’s operations and streamlining its activities. He then joined IAC, where he worked for six years as its legal expert. He pursued law at the University of Columbia and Colgate, specializing in entertainment law.

He got into a law career as an entertainment lawyer. Greg got employed by Martha Stewart’s law firm as a general legal officer. Blatt prides itself in serving at AIC and its subsidiary firms. Since eternity he always dreamt of being a member of the AIC Group.

Greg Blatt is also acknowledged as a technology expert. He ensured they remained at the top of technology and embraced advanced and modern technology in most firms he has worked with. The world is changing, and he explains the need to focus on improving technology to have a tech-driven world.

Blatt does not regret leaving the English literature profession for law. Law equipped him with the right skills needed to make him an expert entrepreneur and executive officer. Through his experience and business personality, several firms have managed to accomplish their goals. See related link for additional information.

However, his first job as a lawyer was hectic and demanding because he had to spend more time working. He could hardly withstand the magnitude of this job. The solution to this was making a work schedule and planning his daily accomplishments. The law path prepared Greg Blatt for his career roles. The first job still contributed significantly to his success as it made him learn to work under high pressure.

Blatt is renowned globally as a top American executive who has worked in several leading firms helping them attain their business goals. He is knowledgeable in Education, English Literature, Economics, and Law.


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