How Troy McQuagge Rose through the Ranks to Become the CEO of US Health Group

10:12 am on August 30, 2017

Troy McQuagge has yet been awarded this year for being the best Chief Executive officer. As a CEO of the Us Health Group, he has an unbridled passion for the insurance industry and insurance products for a better life. His 30 years at the helm of a competitive field has strengthened his leadership skills, sharpened his business acumen and improved his leadership skills to make the venture profitable.

Alongside the gold award of the best CEO, Troy has won various other trophies. The One Planet Awards want to acknowledge the role Mr. Troy plays in the smooth Us Health group working environment. For this reason, they are willing to give him an award. The award will focus more on the new products offered, professionalism in corporate communication as well as excellent marketing skills.

According to Glassdoor, as the president and CEO of the Us Health Group, Troy has helped the company get to a very high sakes trajectory. Through his style of management, the firm has been able to record huge profits for the last five years. Today, the company’s share price has increased by 1540 percent since he took the helm in 2010. A success that he attributes to the commitment of his employees and their desire to stand out in the industry.

As the CEO, Troy McQuagge is responsible for the profitability and strategic growth of the group. Troy appreciates the need for an inclusive and all round management. He has used the technique for the last three years delivering great results to the company.

Before his elevation to the CEO position, he worked as a chairperson of the Agency Marketing Group. The Agency marketing group was later changed to the Us Health Group. Graduating with a degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida in 1983, Troy has been able to develop his niche in the market.

Over the time, Troy has proven that he is the man who has a plan for the company. In February 2007, Troy received an award for his people skills.

The Us Health Group is an insurance holding company in Ft. Worth, Texas. The firm is focused on providing substantive and innovative health care to small business owners and self-employed personnel.

The company’s goal is to harness the skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience of their employees to market profitable and competitive products while offering superior client service in every aspect of the group operations.

Some of the products that the group offers include fixed indemnity medical cover, individual health insurance, covers for critical illness, income protection solutions and accidents. The firm also provides renewable life policy and specific disease protection. All these products are sold by the Group through agents.

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