6:58 pm on January 5, 2018

Daniel Taub is a man of great achievements. He is an international lawyer, writer, former combat medic in the Israel Defense Forces, and has held political and diplomatic posts in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. But with all his career and personal accomplishments, Taub finds his greatest strength in his faith and dedication to helping Israel. It was with a heavy heart and positive outlook that he reflected on his time as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom as he left the position for a new adventure.

Taub was born in Britain in 1962 and gained extensive knowledge through his schooling at University College, London, Harvard University, and University College, Oxford. In 1989 he moved to Israel to become part of the Israel Defense Forces and in 1991 joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry. His love for his country of birth and the country of his peoples history came together in a well established career position as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom. He was able to bring voice and reason while opening effective communication between the two countries.

Daniel Taub has worked hard to maintain his devout faith as an Orthodox Jew while representing the needs and interest of his countries work. He finds the task an easy one and has been viewed by the Jewish community as a pillar of grace and success in the political turmoil that exists with international relations. His greatest progressive accomplishments he feels are the strategic cooperation and subtle dialogue he has been able to bring for both Israel and Britain.

The former Ambassador was diplomatic in his approach in dealing with the turbulence of the Middle East. He felt that approaching the situation with humility and viewing it from a different side would offer more options and resources to find common ground. Daniel Taub is not a person who views the world from one side but is open to thoughtful discussion to continuously be learning. He understands the complexities of managing the well being of a country but looks for progressive opportunities to find common ground for Israel and the United Kingdom, which will translate beyond the two nations.

As Taub moves on to the next stage of his life, raising his children in the country of his people and faith, his outlook is optimistic for Britain and Israel. He holds dear the growth he was able to make while serving as Ambassador and the positive influence he had for the Jewish community of the United Kingdom. His influence on the British government will be felt long after he has moved on and he will continue to sustain relationships and cooperative opportunities with his friends in Britain. Learn more: