Hussain Sajwani Transforms Food Service into Luxury Real Estate

3:28 am on July 6, 2017

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani has had a very successful career in luxury private real estate. His Dubai company has connections around the world, including with the Trump organization, and has been very generous with many charities. The company is one of the most successful private real estate firms in the region.


Hussain Sajwani has a net worth of 3.9B. He founded DAMAC real estate in 2002 as a means of catering to non-Emiratis buying property in the UAE. Throughout his career, he has helped build the international image of the UAE as a place to purchase and live in luxury housing for many of the world’s wealthiest people.


He built much of his early wealth in the food service business, catering to the needs of the US military and large construction firms. During the first Gulf War, Damac Group helped deliver food to the U.S military in Iraq and Kuwait. For thirty years, it was a food service company, but Hussain Sajwani saw bigger money in his future by investing that money in real estate. However, it still stays close to its roots, and food service is still one of the company’s divisions.


With DAMAC real estate, Hussain Sajwani has developed luxury apartment buildings, golf courses, and other high end residential projects. He and Trump have a very close business relationship stretching back to 2013. In the past four years his partnership with Donald Trump includes two Trump-branded golf courses in Dubai, one of which was designed by golf legend Tiger Woods and completed shortly after Donald Trump became the US President.


The entire Hussain Sajwani family is close to the Trump family as well. His wife and Ivanka Trump are said to be friends, and they often visit when they are in town.


In addition to his work with glitzy real estate and powerful people, Hussain Sajwani also dedicates much of his money to charity. When Dubai’s rulers announced the “Ramadan Initiative” to raise money to clothe needy children, he donated AED 2 million dollars. With that money, an estimated 50,000 children will have clothes and warmth.


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