Jacob Gottlieb

9:12 pm on February 22, 2018

A man who who straddles two worlds, and does it well. These are the words that can describe Dr. Jacob Gottlieb . Dr. Jacob Gottlieb , has straddled the worlds of finance and medicine for most of his career. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he’s the son of an economist who teaches at City University of New York. And his mother is a pediatrician. Gottlieb graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University with a BA in economics. Unsatisfied, he then went on to earn a medical degree from New York University. According to Gottlieb the world of finance and medicine is very similar. He says “Essentially, a doctor is a risk manager,”. “Doctors tend to be very good at planning, thinking through issues methodically and cutting off risks before a problem arises”. “In medicine you have to adhere to a system and a process so you can understand what is going on and take appropriate action,” he says. Gottlieb takes this methodical approach into everything he does.


He’s a man filled with vision, determination, hope, and tenacity. He especially needs this tenacity in the ever changing world in which he operates. As the founder of the New York-based Visium Asset Management, which today manages $3.5 billion dollars in assets, he has built a health care fund that has consistently outperformed most hedge funds in the market. Most men would be satisfied with this amount of success. But, Gottlieb understands that today’s success can be tomorrow’s failure.


As such, Gottlieb ‘s next step is transforming Visium from a health care based fund into a multi products, multi-strategy hedge fund. But, this will not be without its challenges. Multi-Strategy hedge funds are notorious for difficult risk management, and lack of transparency. But Gottlieb is ready to take on these challenges, as he has done all his life. Backed by top talent, a well thought-out strategy, and the faith of some of the largest names in the industry, Gottlieb is ready to take the multi-product, multi-strategy hedge fund world by storm.


Yet, Gottlieb has a heart for more than just finance. He also contributes his time and money to supporting various charities. One of which is non-profit Covenant House. Covenant House sees that there is a crisis of homelessness with the children in America. And as their website says “ no kids chooses this fate. Help us save these young lives and build a future they never dream they’d see”. Dr. Gottlieb helps change the future of these kids, one trade at a time.