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Kevin Seawright’s Involvement In Bettering Lives of Humankind

Kevin Seawright is a social entrepreneur in the real estate industry based in the Baltimore area. He joined the University of Almeda for his higher education, where he was awarded a master’s degree in Business Administration. He is also a holder of a Non-Profit certificate which he received at Mendoza School of Business in the Notre Dame Campus. Armed with adequate knowledge in public accounting, Kevin went ahead to seek a job and luckily was employed by a significant public school district as its VP DCOO.

With Kevin in that sit where he controlled funding amounting to fifty million dollars, within his first year, he was able to cut the budget deficit by six hundred thousand dollars which saw him win the city’s 2004 Innovative and Leadership Talent Award. Seawright also worked with other states before venturing into real estate, where he brought significant developments that led to job creation for the youth.

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Poisoned with the dire need to change the lives of many, after working for over a decade, Kevin Seawright established RPS Solutions LLC, a real estate investment firm based in Baltimore. Kevin founded the company to avail affordable homes to people with no home yet but aspire to have one. The idea of his company was born when he was still living with his family in Philadelphia, where he witnessed many people continue to rent houses even in their adult life.

This meant a gap existed in the real estate sector that was profitable. RPS Solutions LLC specializes in the acquisition and revitalization of properties in Baltimore and its surroundings. For the few years the company has been operational, it has helped many low and middle-class people have a place they can call home. This has been aided by its partnerships with various organizations, including National Community Stabilization Trust.

Before going to work, Kevin Seawright ensures he is physically fit by having a few minutes of exercise and a cup of coffee for he knows a healthy person is more productive. Also, using the latest technology and taking breaks improves his productivity. After getting an interesting idea, Kevin shares it with the company’s managing partner, Niccole, who constantly advises him whether to continue with the implementation process or drop it if she feels it’s not viable.