Lawyers Referral and Information Service- The Quickest and Safest Way to Obtain the Best Attorney

4:55 am on May 8, 2017

The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyers Referral and Information Service (LRIS) started an online portal for any person seeking an attorney to represent them in any matter legally. LRIS has realized that many individuals need lawyers to handle their legal matters and most times, these issues occur when the victims are financially unstable. The system, therefore, offers lower income services and assures its clients of best legal representation. It has attorneys who have good legal standings and whose credentials have been scrutinized by the New York State Bar Association.


The NYSBA started the association in conjunction with, a technology firm which offers solutions for the legal organizations as well as legal networks to match clients to attorneys, legal information, and services. An individual seeking a lawyer simply logs in to the website, fills a confidential sheet explaining the legal issue and their location. The staff of the Association will then review the questionnaire and match the individual to a nearby attorney or submit the request to the appropriate County Bar Association.


When the individual talks with the referred attorney, a 35 dollar fee is charged for the first 40 minutes consultation, but there are considerations for personal injury cases, veterans and military law, unemployed or workers compensation. Additional fee is added if the person has no choice but to retain the lawyer.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner and founder of Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates LLC which is also part of LRIS. It is a firm committed to advising compensation committees, CEOs, management teams, and corporates among others when legal issues may arise.


Jeremy Goldstein has transacted with Dow Chemical Company and Verizon Wireless among many others. He is the chair of Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee of the American Bar Association Business Section. He has excellent communication skills that enable him to succeed in his work. He is also a dedicated philanthropist in initiatives towards the recovery of men and women with mental illness.


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