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Leo Radvinsky and B4X Success Stories: ID Desenvolvimento Grew From $1 a day to Millions

Technology thought leader Leo Radvinsky has long been an advocate for investing more resources into open source development, rather than keeping algorithms and programming processes walled off behind intellectual property laws. One of Radvinsky’s most prominent moves in actualizing his ideology was investing significant funds into B4X, turning an application porting tool into a high-end suite of programs utilized and upgraded by a large and international developer community.

Leonid Radvinsky is proud of the success stories that B4X has fomented, ranging from passion projects and student innovations to start-ups gaining scalability. One such start-up is Brazil-based ID Desenvolvimento.

Founder Douglas Farias hadn’t initially set out for a career in software development. When his military service concluded in 2013, he was inspired to get into the then-burgeoning app economy after reading about it. Lacking a background in programming, Farias had difficulty learning how to build apps in Java.

Farias discovered B4X after his frustrations working with Java and was impressed with how easy it was to use and understand for someone with limited education and programming ability. However, he encountered additional roadblocks: English isn’t his first language and B4X documentation wasn’t available in his native Portuguese. This led him to talk to B4X forum members for help with translation and find other Portuguese-speaking developers.

Come 2014, Farias started to earn some ad revenue with his first apps created in B4X (open source apps cannot be sold for royalties, but ad revenue is allowed). He figured if a single app generated $1-$5 per day, he’d need hundreds more to make a living. Later that year, he founded ID Desenvolvimento and hired workers to create more apps in B4X and grow the company’s revenue, since it was easy for developers of all skill levels to pick up with no restrictions on ad revenue.

Today, ID Desenvolvimento has published over 500 apps with seven full-time employees and generates millions in revenue.

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