Lime Crime & It’s Impact On The Cosmetic Industry

10:56 pm on January 5, 2017

The Cosmetics Industry is one of the most popular and profitable industries in the world. There are thousands of products on the market today from hundreds of companies/brands. The market is literally cluttered from head to toe. Brands such as MAC, Maybelline, L’OrĂ©al, and others have dominated the scene for many years, but there is a new king of the hill and it’s making huge waves in this dynamic field. Lime Crime is the name and top quality cosmetics is the game. Lime Crime has become one of the world’s best cosmetics brands thanks to it’s eclectic sense of style. These products stand out from the rest of the competition thanks to it’s distinct look. If you’re into bright, vivid, and bold color tones then this is for you. Founder Doe Deere started this brand back in 2004 as a small independent business. During this time the company was a make-up/fashion line, but to set herself apart, she would need to find a specific niche to work in.


Since Doe Deere already had an eclectic sense of style herself, she implemented that concept into a cosmetics line, which happen to be very empty. These early days came with trial and error to find the best look and Deere had to model her very own products herself. By 2008 Lime Crime took off and gathered steam quickly. It’s become a fan favorite as well as a cult favorite for many people. These liquid matte lipsticks are easy to apply, are touch proof, and kiss proof. Besides those benefits, the products have deep pigmented color tones which are different from all other competitors. There are many colors to choose from such as cashmere, utopia, alien, saint, wicked, red velvet, black velvet, red rose, pansy, and many more.


She has always dressed up in vivid colors as a child and now she’s parlayed it into a successful business. Being a niche style of product, the brand is marketed to certain individuals female or male. This marketing strategy has paid off in huge returns. Being such a progressive company, Lime Crime staff members are constantly brainstorming with new ideas and attending meeting on a weekly basis. Being certified vegan and animal cruelty-free, this brand is shaping the landscape of high quality cosmetics. The future is looking bright for Doe Deere and Lime Crime is setting the tempo by example. For anyone who is into brightly colored vivid hues, you won’t be disappointed with the products of this exclusive line.

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  1. Doe Joe says:

    Doe Deere can be considered as luxury products at an affordable price. Lime Crime’s foundation is actually a reflection of Doe Deere herself. The Velvetine Collection Lipsticks are it’s flagship model and best seller. I am very interested in what review do have and to make sure all things work out well.