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Liu Qiangdong is The Founder and CEO of

Liu Qiangdong is the Founder and CEO of (JD) and the Chairman of JD Power. In 2010, he founded two companies: Suning, the largest e-commerce company in China, and (“the most visited website”), which has become one of the most influential TV websites in China. Mr. Liu is a well-known expert in e-commerce and digital media; he is vice chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., a second-generation board director at Tencent Holdings Ltd.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, Liu Qiangdong donated covid relief in Hong Kong and China, one of the largest donations during the epidemic. Emergency dispatches of COVID-19 relief materials were broadcasted by local TV stations in Hong Kong and mainland China, which received special attention from the Chinese media.

Liu Bo, Zhong Xiangqian, Liu Qiangdong, Guo Naixiong, and Qiao Jianping became the first batch of five philanthropists who donated their own money to help victims.

JD mobilized most of its resources to support the relief work but only donated a small amount. In particular, Liu Qiangdong donated $100 million to donate medical supplies. These gifts are the largest portion of the funds in the Foundation, showing that Liu Qiangdong is deeply concerned about people’s lives and developing communities. The foundation hopes to continue providing funds to build trust with the local community in Hong Kong.

Such acts of selfless kindness have become Mr. Liu’s trademark.

Liu Qiangdong is always willing to help people out. In 2011, he used his wealth to help Wenchuan, China’s earthquake victims, and donated school supplies for children in Northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Liu Qiangdong has said that “life is too short” and “happiness depends on others’ smiles.” Mr. Liu is highly focused on charity work and pays attention to charity work’s progress. He hopes to make a difference in people’s lives through his assistance and social media platforms.

Liu’s philanthropic spirit has been widely recognized and praised by people. So far, more than 2000 people have left comments under Liu’s post on, expressing their gratitude and support.

Ultimately, Liu Qiangdong and JD decided to donate a large amount of RMB100 million in cash, furniture, daily necessities, and medical supplies to covid relief in Hong Kong. He also donated a large amount of covid relief materials to the victims in China. His donation is only the first part of JD’s donation program. As such, Liu Qiangdong hopes to continue donating more resources to help more people.