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Liu Qiangdong Provides Aid to Hong Kong

With Covid still ragging in the world and many countries struggling, certain business owners have turned to help out where they can. is one of these businesses that has volunteered help and has pledged to keep sending help to Hong Kong as long as it is needed. The CEO of, Liu Qiangdong, has already sent 100 million yuan worth of supplies to the medical workers in Hong Kong in the middle of February.

The first cargo truck delivered around 15,000 protective suits in late February, which were greatly needed as Covid continues to take its toll. This first batch of supplies also contained over 6,000 boxes of makes, sanitizer gels, and gloves. These supplies were collected from all around China where they were no longer needed and found just sitting in warehouses, but Hong Kong did not have the resources to afford them.

All of these resources are being held at JD’s warehouse located in Hong Kong before being handed out to the hospitals that most need them. JD’s workers are taking in everything that is being delivered and carefully taking inventory of everything before then sending it back out. There have been promises of more resources and the money to cover them.

Liu Qiangdong has also created a special app called JD Health. This app was created to help with the ever-going problem within Hong Kong. Not only do people need life-saving supplies to survive the Covid pandemic, but they are also in great need of basic medical health. Too many hospitals have had to be converted into places that specialize in treating Covid. This means there are fewer places for people to go for other problems they would need a doctor or hospital for, such as broken bones or other sicknesses. This app provides this aid to people.

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