Luke Lazarus Speaks About Top Marketing Trends

The global healthcare pandemic has left a bitter taste in everyone’s life.

Businesses closed, leaving so many people without jobs or a way of livelihood.

Amid the tough times, some organizations have pulled themselves up, and they are trying to rebuild themselves.

Luke Lazarus watched the change in the marketing trends in the whole society, and he has some advice to give to the businesses getting back into the tight market.

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First, the businessman believes that there are some very positive technologies to check out after the pandemic.

Business owners are working so well to return to the market, and they have already made some great milestones. Here are some of them:

Instagram has increased its popularity and usage, and it is competing with Facebook when it comes to advertisements.

Businesses have chosen social media platforms to market their goods because of the growing number of users.

Luke Lazarus does not see any slowing down in the growth experienced by Instagram.

The membership of this platform keeps growing each day, and more than one billion personalities use the application for different activities.

Consumers can order their goods from the comfort of their homes while using Instagram.

Mobile payments have become the order of the day.

Consumers, according to Lazarus, are using tablets or smartphones to pay for any goods or services in the past few years.

This marketing trend will continue to grow in the coming years.

The number of Australian consumers using credit or debit cards has gone up in recent years.

Businesses without mobile payment risk their success in modern times.

The ones using mobile payment have received a lot of support from consumers.

The fact that most people shop online makes this payment option ideal for most establishments.

It is time for all businesses to embrace the payment option.

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