Magnises Continues To Create A Buzz With Their Black Card Service

11:21 pm on February 3, 2017

The Magnises new black card has created a buzz within the social circles of millennials. Just a few months after it was founded by tech-wiz Billy McFarland, the black card is already being seen as an essential tool in enhancing city life.

This card has been designed for the millennials. This is because higher-end cards like American Express and their perks are quite inapt for persons aged between 22-35 years. Also, they lack a networking or even a social aspect to them. According to The Guardian, this is something that is to be changed by McFarland through Magnises’ black card service.

As a matter of facts, the card is more about bringing together a community of young adventurers in New York and less about the credit card itself. This is through finding all interesting people from across the different sectors ranging from technology, media, and finance. The credit card then connects these people relevantly as par their daily lives.

First, it is important to understand that the Magnises black card is not a credit card. It is just merely a payment method.

The service has however been launched only in New York although there are plans to expand its operations across the United States. Currently, it has a total of 10,000 members in New York and Washington D.C.

Apart from the black card service, Magnises also has a mobile concierge app that offers its members entry into some high-end events and great discounts too. Although the card has gained widespread popularity among persons aged between 21-35 years (85 percent), Magnises membership is open to anyone.

The focus is not on the customers’ occupations or incomes but on how they are going to use their perks and what value they will add to their society as well as fellow members. According to Billy McFarland; Chief Executive Officer and founder of Magnises, this connection is something that other card providers are neglecting.

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