Maven Finds New Leadership in Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has spent his career in the American communications, media and technology industries. His first role was working for himself. Levinsohn and another broadcast communications graduate from American University’s 1985 class founded their own production firm. Levinsohn’s early positions also included promotions at Time Warner Sports and productions at SportsLine.

The rapid rise of the internet was a beacon to Ross Levinsohn, who joined Alta Vista in 1999. Although it scrapped the portal he was working on in 2001, working there gave him an opportunity to explore technology. He used those skills after being hired by Fox Interactive Sports Media in 2001. His success at expanding the brand’s vertical reach led him to a promotion to CEO in 2004. By 2006, Levinsohn wanted to go it on his own once more. He and James Heckman joined forces to found a digital advertising agency together.

A few years later, Yahoo bought them out. Yahoo’s leadership brought Levinsohn in as the leader in its Americas division. Eventually, he was asked to serve as the corporate CEO on a temporary basis in 2012. During the mid-2010s, he served as the CEO of Tribune Interactive, which involved managing the online properties of the corporation. He also led the Los Angeles Times. Levinsohn started two additional businesses of his own, including Whisper Advisors and Scout Productions. He even found time to offer private consulting services and to serve on the boards of directors of several organizations.

By 2019, Heckman’s business, Maven, had acquired Sports Illustrated. It was just one of more than 300 brands owned by the media conglomerate, and Heckman wanted to put Ross Levinsohn in charge of it. Levinsohn had taken on similar roles before, in which he expanded the readership base and the range of voices in the publication.

In 2020, Heckman announced plans to depart his position as Maven’s CEO. He said that he would offer advisory services only, and he wanted to put Levinsohn in charge of the entire organization. In August 2020, Ross Levinsohn had his first day as Maven’s CEO, and he’s already building its worldwide visibility.