Mike Heiligenstein Drives The Central Texas Regional Mobility Vision.

7:05 am on July 13, 2017

Mr. Mike Heiligenstein serves as the executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility. Heiligenstein is a graduate of the University of Texas, he has a Masters Degree in both Government and Business Administration. He is recognized as a major leader in the field of mobility and technology. Under his leadership since 2003 the company has established maximum efficiency thru the utilization of cutting edge technologies. His is known nationally for his knowledge in the area of transportation and infrastructure. Mr. Heiligenstein has established a long and dedicated length of service to the community. He has served as a public official, council member, and chaired numerous projects in Texas. His keen depth of knowledge and commit to the community continues to drive his dedication to the company and its goals.


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority specializes in the development of mobility solutions. With a vested interest in the local community they aim to design innovative solutions to today’s transportation concerns. At the heart of their solutions is the use of futuristic technology, which will serve the community well into the future. The integration of fiber lines for “talking” cars to transmit information is yet one example. Driven by the needs of the community they are constantly evaluating the traffic flow of projected designs to modify and eliminate traffic congestion. Traffic monitoring is used to create current mobile apps which deliver real time results, thus providing customers with alternate routes instantly.


As with any mobility related business, the safety of commuters is of utmost importance. Their further commitment to the community is evident in partnerships with various other related organizations to ensure the best possible solutions for Texans. Realizing that they don’t have all of the solutions, they are harnessing the skills and knowledge of cutting edge transportation related research in order to identify solutions daily. Thus maximizing the use of existing transportation resources for every Texan every day.


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