Mike Heiligenstein on the Williamson County Growth Summit.

7:23 pm on January 19, 2017

The recent Williamson County Growth Summit provided an opportunity to discuss the transportation challenges in the area. Previously, most discussions were focused on the city, but the last summit was centered on the needs of the suburban communities as well. The board in the forum was made up of persons such as Mike Heiligenstein; The executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Joseph Kopser; founder of RideScout LLC, Uber Technologies Inc., Leandre Johns; the director of Texas External Affairs Director and Jared Ficklin from ArgoDesigns.


The event took place in Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center and was centered on discussing the implications of technology in the evolving transportation sector in Austin and across the globe. Heiligenstein noted that new technologies such as autonomous vehicles and ridesharing apps would radically transform transportation infrastructure. Therefore, the Austin area needed to invest in increasing its transportation capacity. This would call for building more and niftier roads. According to him, this was the only way to meet the mobility needs of the fast growing market; with the suburbs registering the most growth. Heiligenstein noted the outstanding job Williamson had done in structuring its infrastructure over the past decade. However, he said that there would be the need for more efforts as more people will be coming to Williamson.

Mike Heiligenstein has been part of the Texas Regional Mobility Authority since its founding in 2002. The independent agency was incepted to design a conventional regional transportation system in Central Texas. The Authority’s projects are major parts of an innovative, modally diverse transport system to meet the evolving and varied mobility needs for the fast-developing region.


Since it was started, the Mobility Authority has developed several projects which are inclusive of the 183A, the 290 Toll project, and is currently working on the Express Lanes on MoPac. The Authority’s mission is centered creating transportation solutions that enhance the quality of life and boost the economy. It is run by a board of directors with seven members. They operate a small professional staff and uses privately managed contractors with specialized know-how in the provision of staffing support for each project.


He is also on the advisory boards of several committees and working groups that deal with transportation issues including the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

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  1. Alan Walker says:

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