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Miki Agrawal wrapped in physiological needs

Developer Miki Agrawal, founder of bidet group Hello Tushy, aims to address Americans’ reluctance to use water instead of toilet paper. A stream of water, whether it comes from an elegant single porcelain bidet or a simple bathroom faucet, is believed to be an advanced way of clean different parts of the bathroom. If a bird lands on your arm, can you wipe it off with dry paper or rinse it off with water? Agrawal asked me, eloquently throughout our interview, to explain his point.

Customers weren’t just shocked by the bidets, but quite directly: Miki Agrawal did it in a disrespectful marketing way. Tushy’s catchphrase “Ask me about my butthole” appeared on T-shirts, and a line of potty-trained Tushy lipsticks called SkidLip was published as an April Fool’s joke. Hello Tushy Suits, Agrawal’s unusual business model. In 2013, he co-founded and launched Thinx, an underwear line focused on menstruation.


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Miki Agrawal resigned from Thinx in 2017 amid a felony dispute with the group’s former head of public relations, who accused Agrawal of sexual harassment and creating an anti-painting environment. Agrawal declined to broach the subject. Speaking of his contemporary adventures, Agrawal explains why he accepted the Sisyphean challenge to standardize bidets for toilet-paper-loving Americans and his adventures in the next field. luxury city.

The main news is that during my time at my previous company, I discovered that talking about something is taboo and it shouldn’t be taboo anymore. In fact, I have a boy who is almost three and a half years old and we talk almost carelessly. He must have considered how to set up a bidet company in the United States. So despite deciding to start Thinx, I knew the bidet would be popular in America.

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