U.S. Money Reserve Provides Customers with an Upgraded

12:42 am on April 18, 2017

US Money Reserve just recently released their newly designed website and e-commerce coin catalog. It has been upgraded to be easier for clients to use, providing a detailed gallery of many of the coins available. The new site reflects the company’s dedication to providing superior customer service experience and a superior educational experience for those interested in their services. There is a new photograph of the leader of the company, former US Mint Director and current President, Philip Diehl. There is a new point photo gallery of the coins available as well. The educational section of the website helps consumers understand the benefits of owning government issued coins and billions to help diversify their investment portfolios.


The company now has a fully responsive tool that they can use to generate quality content across all platforms. The online store offers live competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion, bars and coins. The Knowledge Center provides current information on precious metals and other terms that may be helpful.


The Client-Connect Advantage allows U.S. Money Reserve to contact clients for special consultations.


US Money Reserve now also allows investors to purchase Gold-based IRAs, or diversification. The company was started by veterans of the gold market to provide help to the public in buying all types of precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of U.S. Government issued gold, silver and platinum coins in the country.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality metal in the market. Our customer service is second to none. We have a team of experts who will help you with information and helpful advice. We have successfully served over 400,00 clients and counting. We accept only top quality metal coins, bullion and bars at the company. Rest assured that you will have quality all the way around, when you deal with us. Most of our clients are repeat customers because they want quality.


To discover more, watch videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/usmrwebvideos.

The Science And Art of Online Reputation Management

8:36 am on April 5, 2017

Online reputation management has been described as both a science and an art. It is a science because there is a proper procedure to follow when it comes to online reputation management. One has to make sure that he knows what needs to be done in order to not only protect but also improve ones online reputation. It is also an art because there are plenty of different things that one can do within the procedure. The strict procedures does allot a lot of room for creativity. This often makes it easier for the person to improve his online reputation.

Another aspect of the art side of online reputation management is that every case of online reputation is different. There are a lot of factors that go into how one is going to fare in business. Among the factors is the type of company, the industry, the social media presence, the accounts one has, the places he frequents, and many other factors. Therefore, one has a lot of room when it comes to what he can do in order to either maintain or bring improvements to his online reputation. Fortunately, he can also get assistance in online reputation management such as IC Media Direct reviews. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that he gets the help needed.

One of the reasons that he should find an online reputation management firm is because of the science aspect of the activity. Given that these firms have a lot of time and experience with handling the online reputation of the company. Therefore, they can sit down with the company or the client and come up with a game plan that is going to bring forth some really favorable results for the client. The game plan includes how to approach the audience from different media which include social media.

Spotlight on the Career Journey of Tammy Mazzocco

7:30 am on April 4, 2017

Tammy Mazzocco’s career in real estate started back when she used to be a secretary at The Edwards Realty Company, a firm dealing in commercial real estate. She used to work in a team that comprised of nine commercial agents. The team was led by Mike Zelnik, a self-motivated business realtor. Tammy Mazzocco then spent seven years at Scotland Yard Condominiums dealing with condominium management. In 1995, she earned her license as an agent in the field of real estate. Tammy’s real estate agent license was given after the proposal of Ken Cook, the proprietor/broker of Cook Realty as well as Scotland Yard’s general manager. Mr. Cook played an integral part in shaping Tammy’s career as he was involved in teaching and persuading her during her early years. For more info visit her aboutme profile.

T&R Properties

After spending several years at Scotland Yard, she moved on and joined the T&R Properties.  In the summer of the year 1998, Tammy assumed the position of an accredited personal assistant of Joe Armeni, a high-ranking RE/MAX producer based at Victorian Village region, Columbus. Her work experience as Joe’s personal assistant exposed her firsthand to the life and work of a highly triumphant real estate developer and agent.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/tammy-mazzocco-17897113a/

Joining Judy Gang & Associates

During the summer of the year 2000, Tammy moved on and joined Judy Gang & Associates’ team based in Pickerington, Ohio. In Judy Gang, Tammy found a great friend, mentor and a source of inspiration from then on. Tammy is involved in the sale of residential real estate in Licking, Fairfield, Delaware and Franklin counties found in Central Ohio. See more info on crunchbase.

About Tammy Mazzocco’s Life as an Entrepreneur

In a recent interview, Tammy opened up about how she brings ideas to life, the trends that excite her and habits that ensure she remains productive as an entrepreneur. In order to bring her ideas to life, Tammy brainstorms, makes a business plan and researches in order to test the viability of an idea. In her line of business, she is excited by the trend of lead companies transferring live customers to entrepreneurs like her for interaction purposes. She believes that making contact with a prospective buyer will lead to the setting of an appointment and during the face to face meeting she is able to make a sale. Tammy increases her productivity by ensuring that she sets her goals well and breaks them into actions.

Jason Hope Believes Inflammation Could Hold Key To Youth

1:42 pm on March 23, 2017

Jason Hope, Arizona’s most innovative tech entrepreneur, recently made headlines for his $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation. The donation was made in order to further the understanding of atherosclerosis, the disease process that lies at the heart of America’s deadliest killer. Heart attack and stroke are both the end result of atherosclerotic disease in the majority of cases.

Mr. Jason Hope believes that discovering what processes drive this disorder, especially at the molecular level, will help to fight the worst diseases in America. But it may also hold the key to unlocking some of the most profound secrets of the aging process.

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Degeneration is inflammation

Hope points to a growing body of research indicating that all degenerative diseases have their roots in inflammation, at least to some extent. The same process which causes insult to the walls of veins and arteries, followed by an inflammatory response, may underlie everything from wrinkled skin to glaucoma to arthritis. In fact, Hope notes that certain types of age-associated diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, have long been known to be a consequence of immune-mediated inflammatory processes. If these can be understood well enough to prevent them, Hope thinks that many other effects of aging will someday be able to be slowed, halted or even reversed.

With his donation, the SENS Foundation will be able to contribute thousands of man-hours into one of the most important areas of modern medical research. At a minimum, understanding more about atherosclerosis will help to prevent thousands of heart attack deaths each year.

Learn more about Jason Hope: http://inspirery.com/jason-hope/

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Trains for Results

3:21 am

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is the leading mortgage document processor in the United States as noted by the fact that eight out of ten retail mortgage companies in the nation use them for their primary source of documents.


If you have ever purchased or sold a home, you were most likely impressed with the amount of documentation that went along with the transaction. All of that information came from a company such as Nationwide, and it all has to be correct, or the transaction will not be able to go through.


Nationwide has access to over 3,600 venues, jurisdictions and counties where all of the property records are stored, some of them still in manilla folders in a metal file cabinet. With their proprietary technology, they can find them all, or just about all of them. The company has a .78% failure rate which is less than 1%. That is a minuscule figure considering the volume of information that they process.


The company’s compliance rate is 99.98% which is unheard of, but it is a fact. Nationwide Title Clearing is the most sought after wholesale and it is not by accident. The biggest reason for their success is the training program that their employees enjoy. When a new person is hired, they are put through an in-depth three-week training period, and then when they start working, they are shadowed by a trainer until they master that initial phase of their work.


Employees have access to over 150 advanced training modules which they can get to on their own time. Time is set aside in their regular work schedule if the wish to access these additional modules. This is an opportunity to further their knowledge and also to prepare for advancement. There are 50% to 70-% of the workforce involved in the training all of the time.


John Hillman, CEO was featured recently on and industry-wide podcast. He spoke about compliance and the fact that it is a constant industry buzzword. Hillman went on to say that even though companies must invest in compliance, Nationwide takes the subject a step further. He mentioned that Nationwide had perfected its compliance offerings so that clients only pay for what the need to remain in compliance. Nationwide works with clients as partners, not as a vendor-partner relationship.

For more details, visit http://www.nwtc.com/.


Vijay Eswaran’s Background and Current Leadership Positions

7:09 pm on March 6, 2017

Above named is a renowned entrepreneur with enviable records in the business world. Apart from heading multi-business corporations, he is also the founder and Executive Chairman of QI Group of Companies, launched in 1998.

The company was born from a vision he had of pooling people together and charging them to exercise their power of direct sales with the help of internet available across the globe. He merged with his partners after which they had to deliberate on the unique products to venture in.

Eswaran has an impressive education background, which is what propelled him to a point of working with the highly resounded firms, IBM being one of them.

Having attended his higher education in the best of the UK and USA universities also saw him traverse through Europe, Australia and Canada after which he went back to Asia to implement his entrepreneurial dream.

Apart from lecturing business and spirituality subjects, Eswaran is also a highly regarded motivational speaker who addresses not only the leading universities but also huge forums such as World Economic Forum occasions and Commonwealth Business Forums at CHOGM.

Eswaran’s Philanthropic Nature

Benevolence got Vijay founding the RYTHM Foundation, which is the QI Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility arm.

Its purpose is in serving charitable purposes across the globe. As well, in Malaysia is a foundation he launched in honor of his father, called the Vijayaratnam Foundation, and it focuses on;empowering women, child mentorship, youth improvement as well as offering special education.

This happened most recently at the 3rd World Chinese Economic Forum. During 2011 he also featured in the Forbes Asia’s list of top philanthropists. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: http://philanthropies.org/vijay-eswaran-2/


In the end, it is interesting to notice that Vijay Eswaran has been consistently resourceful over the years. To his credit, he has authored several reads that have been making rounds all over the world. Again in Malaysia and Sri Lanka you can easily interact with his write-ups on the dailies where he is an avid contributor.

EOS Lip Balm Makes Every Woman Feel Achieved

9:59 am on March 2, 2017

EOS Lip Balm was a shooting star in it’s own right, bursting out of nowhere into the beauty and skincare industry based on a hunch. Noticing that women were spending so much money on personalized scented lotions and hair care products to better match with their personalities at places like Amazon, Sephora, ULTA, Well, Bed and Bath and Body Works, Craig Dubitsky was inspired to fill a gap in the lip balm industry. He figured that maybe it wasn’t so far off to assume that these same women who were dominating the customer basis for lip care products as a whole would enjoy to have a little more option and fun in their -at the time- boring medical tubes of off-putting smelling lip balms. Based on this idea alone, Dubitsky set off on a business adventure to create EOS Lip Balm(https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) where he first came up with the idea of an all-encompassing beauty product that made women feel happy to begin their morning skin care routine instead of obliged to partake in it and feeling as though they were engaging in more of a medical process than a fun experience of freshening up their smiles with sweet scents like Passion Fruit, Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, and Vanilla Bean. Wanting to keep the same unique feel of the gloss buckets that were currently being sold and bought up like candy only to wind up being soon thrown away for not having the most hygienic abilities, EOS Lip Balm designed simple pastel orbs with domes of lip balm formed within that could be easily applied without having to stick any fingers into the product.

EOS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eos/


Magnises Continues To Create A Buzz With Their Black Card Service

11:21 pm on February 3, 2017

The Magnises new black card has created a buzz within the social circles of millennials. Just a few months after it was founded by tech-wiz Billy McFarland, the black card is already being seen as an essential tool in enhancing city life.

This card has been designed for the millennials. This is because higher-end cards like American Express and their perks are quite inapt for persons aged between 22-35 years. Also, they lack a networking or even a social aspect to them. According to The Guardian, this is something that is to be changed by McFarland through Magnises’ black card service.

As a matter of facts, the card is more about bringing together a community of young adventurers in New York and less about the credit card itself. This is through finding all interesting people from across the different sectors ranging from technology, media, and finance. The credit card then connects these people relevantly as par their daily lives.

First, it is important to understand that the Magnises black card is not a credit card. It is just merely a payment method.

The service has however been launched only in New York although there are plans to expand its operations across the United States. Currently, it has a total of 10,000 members in New York and Washington D.C.

Apart from the black card service, Magnises also has a mobile concierge app that offers its members entry into some high-end events and great discounts too. Although the card has gained widespread popularity among persons aged between 21-35 years (85 percent), Magnises membership is open to anyone.

The focus is not on the customers’ occupations or incomes but on how they are going to use their perks and what value they will add to their society as well as fellow members. According to Billy McFarland; Chief Executive Officer and founder of Magnises, this connection is something that other card providers are neglecting.

Prison Communication Leader Securus Technologies corrects GTL

9:55 am on January 21, 2017

Securus Technologies is a leading provider in the criminal justice department. The company recently made headlines when it revealed inaccurate information and wrongdoings by GTL. According to a recent press release at PR Newswire, GTL has strived to find wrongdoings in Securus without success. Unfortunately, Global Tel Link went ahead to release information that was misleading and inaccurate. Securus Technologies highlighted the company’s false statements. It went ahead to indicate further wrongdoings performed by the firm in different instances.


Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies. He aired out his feelings about the misleading information presented by Securus. He stated that he was offended and disappointed that GTL could go to such low levels.


Securus Technologies made the information public that GTL filed only one claim concerning the status. The claim doesn’t have any security feature. That is why the PTAB has refused to review the claims. GTL was unhappy with PTAB’s decision and decided air out their concerns on the internet. GTL released false information online indicating that their technology had already been patented.


GTL released an additional information stating that the case is set to get to court in the coming months. Securus doesn’t believe the information as true. The jury will make the call on a specific date but not anytime soon. Securus has stated that there is no security question concerned. GTL doesn’t have any evidence to present to the court. Securus is set to abide by courts to prove that the company has false information.


Securus Technologies has always had a good financial dealing and standings. The company has entered into appropriate license agreements with other companies. What amazes me in the entire Securus-GTL scandal is why GTL should spend millions to claim rights to a product that doesn’t belong to them.


Mike Heiligenstein on the Williamson County Growth Summit.

7:23 pm on January 19, 2017

The recent Williamson County Growth Summit provided an opportunity to discuss the transportation challenges in the area. Previously, most discussions were focused on the city, but the last summit was centered on the needs of the suburban communities as well. The board in the forum was made up of persons such as Mike Heiligenstein; The executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Joseph Kopser; founder of RideScout LLC, Uber Technologies Inc., Leandre Johns; the director of Texas External Affairs Director and Jared Ficklin from ArgoDesigns.


The event took place in Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center and was centered on discussing the implications of technology in the evolving transportation sector in Austin and across the globe. Heiligenstein noted that new technologies such as autonomous vehicles and ridesharing apps would radically transform transportation infrastructure. Therefore, the Austin area needed to invest in increasing its transportation capacity. This would call for building more and niftier roads. According to him, this was the only way to meet the mobility needs of the fast growing market; with the suburbs registering the most growth. Heiligenstein noted the outstanding job Williamson had done in structuring its infrastructure over the past decade. However, he said that there would be the need for more efforts as more people will be coming to Williamson.

Mike Heiligenstein has been part of the Texas Regional Mobility Authority since its founding in 2002. The independent agency was incepted to design a conventional regional transportation system in Central Texas. The Authority’s projects are major parts of an innovative, modally diverse transport system to meet the evolving and varied mobility needs for the fast-developing region.


Since it was started, the Mobility Authority has developed several projects which are inclusive of the 183A, the 290 Toll project, and is currently working on the Express Lanes on MoPac. The Authority’s mission is centered creating transportation solutions that enhance the quality of life and boost the economy. It is run by a board of directors with seven members. They operate a small professional staff and uses privately managed contractors with specialized know-how in the provision of staffing support for each project.


He is also on the advisory boards of several committees and working groups that deal with transportation issues including the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.