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PosiGen Solar Energy- Why Not Give it Thought?

Posigen Energy Company and solar energy supplier has a goal. They want the average middle class home owner to be able to have a solar energy system installed. At PosiGen they charge no installation fee and include both maintenance and monitoring in their price to the homeowner. This solar power program gives middle class families the opportunity to control their own energy costs. 


They do this by helping these families generate their own energy thus decreasing their costs for this normal household expense. Some of the things they do to achieve this is by providing low monthly costs for each part of the system and not charging for monthly maintenance. Here are some facts that may not be known and understood as home owners try to make a decision about whether or not to switch to solar powered energy from PosiGen. 


When you have a regular energy system all you have in your home is a one way energy meter. What that means is that what is measured is just what you use or consume in the billing period. But when you have solar power from PosiGen you get the advantage of a second part to that meter which measures how much energy you have captured with your panels.

When what you generate with the solar panels is greater than what you consume, you are selling the excess energy to the grid and you are credited with funds for that excess energy. This is a very simple concept, you get credited for the energy you generate and don’t use while helping the energy grid get stronger. Go ahead and hire a solar system from PosiGen- what have you got to lose?