Prison Communication Leader Securus Technologies corrects GTL

9:55 am on January 21, 2017

Securus Technologies is a leading provider in the criminal justice department. The company recently made headlines when it revealed inaccurate information and wrongdoings by GTL. According to a recent press release at PR Newswire, GTL has strived to find wrongdoings in Securus without success. Unfortunately, Global Tel Link went ahead to release information that was misleading and inaccurate. Securus Technologies highlighted the company’s false statements. It went ahead to indicate further wrongdoings performed by the firm in different instances.


Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies. He aired out his feelings about the misleading information presented by Securus. He stated that he was offended and disappointed that GTL could go to such low levels.


Securus Technologies made the information public that GTL filed only one claim concerning the status. The claim doesn’t have any security feature. That is why the PTAB has refused to review the claims. GTL was unhappy with PTAB’s decision and decided air out their concerns on the internet. GTL released false information online indicating that their technology had already been patented.


GTL released an additional information stating that the case is set to get to court in the coming months. Securus doesn’t believe the information as true. The jury will make the call on a specific date but not anytime soon. Securus has stated that there is no security question concerned. GTL doesn’t have any evidence to present to the court. Securus is set to abide by courts to prove that the company has false information.


Securus Technologies has always had a good financial dealing and standings. The company has entered into appropriate license agreements with other companies. What amazes me in the entire Securus-GTL scandal is why GTL should spend millions to claim rights to a product that doesn’t belong to them.


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