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  Reasons why QNET is not a Scam

In all businesses operating from brick-and-mortar locations or online, competition always plays a significant factor in their success or failure. QNET has been the subject of scam allegations perpetrated by other direct sales businesses intending to bring it down. However, these allegations are not based on any factual background.

QNET is a direct selling business that uses a multi level marketing (MLM) strategy. Its modern business model combines the two aspects of e-commerce and direct selling, resulting in a hybrid strategy assumed to be a scam. However, direct engagements with the company negate this notion. In direct selling, clients purchase products from the company and resell them. Common products include watches and jewelry, health products, and personal care products. The other model of independent representation involves clients selling QNET’s products through direct referrals. Products under this model include technology services and education products.

Additionally, the time that QNET has been operating indicates its business model and outlives scamming, as most scam businesses don’t use it beyond five years from inception. Differently, QNET has lasted as a direct selling company for almost twenty years. This longevity illustrates the nature of trust and credibility that its independent contractors, direct sellers, and clients have with the company. During these years, QNET has opened branches globally and joined several other direct selling associations, like in the Philippines and Malaysia. Individual customers and organizations also recognize their achievements in doing legitimate business and offering quality products.

QNET has also demonstrated social responsibility like most legitimate businesses do. It takes part in many charitable events for the different operational locations. For instance, the company has partnered with India’s Lion’s Club to support needy people. The company has also formed many global partnerships with businesses, promoting their activities and funding them to perform better, for instance, with Manchester City Football Club.