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Ross Levinsohn, Adept CEO

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is an adept CEO who has also been an entrepreneur, advisor and volunteer. In 1985, he graduated from American University. With a broadcast communications degree in hand, he set out to make a strong first impression when he co-founded an entrepreneurial enterprise. The business, Ross Productions, was a successful firm, and Levinsohn and his co-founder sold it after four years. Levinsohn moved to Time Warner Sports, followed by several years at SportsLine.

Alta Vista planned a portal launch in 1999, and Ross Levinsohn joined its group to work on it. When the project came to a conclusion, Levinsohn moved over to Fox Interactive Sports Media, where he managed daily activities of the online properties. His promotions, marketing, branding and technology experience worked well in the role, and he was promoted to CEO in 2004. Levinsohn left in 2006 in order to pursue entrepreneurship once again.

His new entrepreneurial partner was James Heckman. They co-founded 5to1. Their digital ad service grew quickly, and big companies took notice. Yahoo contacted them with an offer in 2010, and they accepted the buyout. Levinsohn joined Yahoo as part of the buyout deal. He was picked as the short-term CEO in 2012. He also served as the president or executive at a multitude of other organizations during the years from 2013 to 2019. Some of those places included Tribune Company and Boston Consulting Group.

Levinsohn always had a hard time staying away from entrepreneurship. From 2013 to 2018, he founded other companies, including Whisper Advisors. He spent time serving on American University’s board, too. As a consultant, he coached other startups and entrepreneurs. In 2019, Heckman contacted Ross Levinsohn with a job opportunity. Heckman’s company, Maven, was flourishing. In nine years, it bought the rights to publish more than 300 printed and online publications.

Heckman picked Levinsohn to control Sports Illustrated, which was Maven’s newest addition in 2019. Levinsohn was agreeable to the proposal. Heckman relayed retirement plans in the middle of tumultuous 2020. His choice for a new CEO was Levinsohn. Ross Levinsohn accepted the offer to be Maven’s CEO in August.