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Ross Levinsohn, Entrepreneur and CEO

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has been a successful entrepreneur and executive for more than 35 years. His career started with a foray into entrepreneurship. The successful business he co-founded with another graduate from American University taught him the value of taking a risk and networking well. After four years of operation, Levinsohn and his co-founder sold their business. Levinsohn took a position at Time Warner Sports, where he worked for several years as a producer. He moved on to SportsLine, a division of CBS. He produced a syndicated show about football and football players.

Alta Vista was the place to work in 1999, and Levinsohn joined the organization to plan its portal launch. Although the company chose not to go forward, Ross Levinsohn did learn a lot about the burgeoning internet and its power to attract a wide audience. He leveraged that knowledge in his first managerial role. He spent four years as a manager at Fox Interactive Sports Media and was selected as its CEO in 2004. He departed the organization in 2006 in order to co-found another business.

Levinsohn and James Heckman, another media and communications entrepreneur, launched their ad agency to great fanfare. 5to1 did so well that Yahoo bought it from them in 2010. Levinsohn spent several years at Yahoo, culminating as its interim CEO in 2012.

After departing Yahoo, Levinsohn went on to work as the CEO or president of a range of startups, established businesses and entrepreneurial enterprises. These companies included the Los Angeles Times, Whisper Advisors, Guggenheim Media, Scout Productions and Boston Consulting Group.

Ross Levinsohn’s former business partner had not forgotten about him. In 2019, Heckman reached out to Levinsohn with an exciting opportunity. Heckman had founded Maven after he and Levinsohn sold 5to1. Over the years, Maven purchased or founded many printed and online publications. Its most recent acquisition, Sports Illustrated Media, needed a new executive. Levinsohn stepped into the role with ease. In 2020, Heckman released plans to depart as the CEO of Maven. He hand-picked Ross Levinsohn to fill the role. Levinsohn assumed the CEO position at Maven in August 2020.