Ryan Bishti Focuses on Consumers and Staff During the Pandemic for Success in the Restaurant Industry

Ryan Bishti’s top priority is to focus on the consumer. With the pandemic leaving many people feeling unsure about their safety and personal finances, they have been reluctant to dine at restaurants. Bishti feels it is important to ensure that consumers feel safe by being transparent about how they intend to implement safety precautions for the protection of their health, such as displaying them at the door and on social media. This demonstrates the restaurant’s dedication to the safety of its guests. Dining out may seem like a luxury in times of financial stress, and restaurants can remind people that their spaces are places for connection and food that cannot be found at home. With safety precautions as well as outdoor dining options in place to promote social distancing, the restaurant space can now become a more intimate and warm culture for connection. For those wishing to enjoy food at home, restaurants should demonstrate flexibility by offering carry-out or delivery services. This option in turn can help regain revenue lost to space modifications inside the restaurant.


Additionally, Ryan Bishti focuses on his staff, investing in and valuing them even when the costs of running a restaurant increase. He believes that providing staff with better wages and benefits in a work environment that fosters strong management and reduced stress is essential. He makes sure to have enough servers working each shift with allocated time off for illness and personal days. Bishti also ensures that his employees have the knowledge and feel empowered in regard to dealing with negative issues arising from consumers or poor management. 


Finally, Ryan Bishti has had to find the right balance of the cost for menu items as supply chain issues and financial struggles ensue. Bishti encourages those in the restaurant industry to consider buying from local suppliers, which in turn supports the local economy, engagement within the community, lowers prices, and creates loyal customers. With local agriculture differing from imported goods comes the opportunity to redesign menus and offer consumers new meals to enjoy.


Along with these above-mentioned strategies, Ryan Bishti feels that government support paired with restaurant-focused initiatives can also encourage consumers to visit restaurants again. He encourages fellow restaurant entrepreneurs to reach out to their Parliament representatives and local council members in search of tax relief. Bishti’s approach in implementing a focus on consumers, staff, and creative dining and menu options has given him success in the restaurant industry in the volatile climate of the COVID-19 pandemic.