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 SeaWorld Partner with OCEARCH to Undertake Study of Sharks

Dr. Gisele Montano, SeaWorld’s Veterinarian and a reproductive physiologist, has partnered with a global non-profit organization, OCEARCH, to conduct a shark reproduction study. She has the research done in Carolinas off the coast to confirm whether it is a suitable mating ground for white sharks or not. The research is a part of the OCEARCH and SeaWorld partnership which was influenced by the declining population of white sharks. Learn more

Though Dr. Montano specializes in reproduction, the study focuses on shark’s wellbeing. Therefore, when SeaWorld and OCEARCH combine their information with the research study, they can assume the animal’s health. In addition, they have sampled many animals, so it is easy to estimate how the population is performing.

Dr. Montano has samples collected and examined from several shark species at SeaWorld. Hence, the research allows her to utilize her skills more comprehensively. In an interview, she couldn’t help but be grateful for the OCEARCH and SeaWorld partnership. She further explained how the collaboration is important as it gives opportunities to veterinarians to access shark species that they can’t access in their parks. M/V OCEARCH platform also allows scientists to study their sharks.

Along with her co-workers, Dr. Montano is expected to give data from samples collected during the research that will help safeguard the white shark population. The project’s center of attention is to protect feeding grounds, nurseries, and mating grounds for the long-term survival of their species. It also strives to preserve the research so that the future generation can see what they see today.


The OCEARCH and SeaWorld partnership has been active for five years. The two organizations prioritize adult and children education about marine life, the importance of rehabilitation, research and conservation efforts. In addition, they share studies about the ocean and its inhabitant’s health.