Sparks book ‘They Can’t Eat You’ motivates others to enter the business world

7:22 am on December 12, 2016

Who is Marc Sparks? Well, for one things, he is an extremely successful businessman, and for another, he is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. But Sparks does more than just successful business. He is also an encouragement to others, authoring a book “They Can’t Eat You” and giving of his success as a front line philanthropist.

So, what motivates Sparks? What keeps him going? He did not start out in a singular business venture. He started multiple businesses and specializes in telecommunication. Sparks is also considered a venture capitalist, which means that he offers startup money to businesses that look to be big successes. He takes chances. Giving startup money to burgeoning businesses is speculative, yet Sparks has been successful at being speculative.

Sparks’ philanthropic causes have included helping youth get their high school diplomas through a Dallas program and volunteering as Dallas area homeless shelters. He doesn’t just give money to these organizations, but even more importantly, he volunteers his time. One particular homeless shelter, ‘The Samritan Inn’ has often been a shelter Sparks has volunteered with.

Sparks has also been associated with Habitat for Humanity, working to build homes in poor sections of the city. With all these philanthropic successes, where would Sparks get the time to be called a “serial entrepreneur?

Since high school graduation in the mid-seventies, Sparks has been the principal lead in several business startups, some becoming extremely successful. His bit of wisdom about startups and speculations are detailed in his book, where Sparks has admitted that one never forgets the scars gets in life. He also focuses on the responsibilities that accompany success and the ability to stay humble, when becoming very successful.

The burning passion inside Marc Sparks is building new companies. He has a private equity firm where he handles high performing companies in his portfolio called Timber Creek Capital, LP. He establishes business models from initial ideas and further creates short term and long term goals.He builds growth plans out of ideas, while establishing ahead of time the company culture.

Sparks is not your everyday businessman. But he is a good man by moral standards and should be viewed that way. He is a very successful businessman that tries to stay humble and lead by example.

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  1. Keith Gary says:

    Sparks has said that he has no formal training to do what he does. Instead, he uses his natural born keen instinct. Sparks is known to manage by example, engaging entire teams in his strategies. I would like to say really need accolades.