Spotlight on the Career Journey of Tammy Mazzocco

7:30 am on April 4, 2017

Tammy Mazzocco’s career in real estate started back when she used to be a secretary at The Edwards Realty Company, a firm dealing in commercial real estate. She used to work in a team that comprised of nine commercial agents. The team was led by Mike Zelnik, a self-motivated business realtor. Tammy Mazzocco then spent seven years at Scotland Yard Condominiums dealing with condominium management. In 1995, she earned her license as an agent in the field of real estate. Tammy’s real estate agent license was given after the proposal of Ken Cook, the proprietor/broker of Cook Realty as well as Scotland Yard’s general manager. Mr. Cook played an integral part in shaping Tammy’s career as he was involved in teaching and persuading her during her early years. For more info visit her aboutme profile.

T&R Properties

After spending several years at Scotland Yard, she moved on and joined the T&R Properties.  In the summer of the year 1998, Tammy assumed the position of an accredited personal assistant of Joe Armeni, a high-ranking RE/MAX producer based at Victorian Village region, Columbus. Her work experience as Joe’s personal assistant exposed her firsthand to the life and work of a highly triumphant real estate developer and agent.

Joining Judy Gang & Associates

During the summer of the year 2000, Tammy moved on and joined Judy Gang & Associates’ team based in Pickerington, Ohio. In Judy Gang, Tammy found a great friend, mentor and a source of inspiration from then on. Tammy is involved in the sale of residential real estate in Licking, Fairfield, Delaware and Franklin counties found in Central Ohio. See more info on crunchbase.

About Tammy Mazzocco’s Life as an Entrepreneur

In a recent interview, Tammy opened up about how she brings ideas to life, the trends that excite her and habits that ensure she remains productive as an entrepreneur. In order to bring her ideas to life, Tammy brainstorms, makes a business plan and researches in order to test the viability of an idea. In her line of business, she is excited by the trend of lead companies transferring live customers to entrepreneurs like her for interaction purposes. She believes that making contact with a prospective buyer will lead to the setting of an appointment and during the face to face meeting she is able to make a sale. Tammy increases her productivity by ensuring that she sets her goals well and breaks them into actions.

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