Squaw Valley Is Open for the Season

8:56 am on January 6, 2017

The Squaw Valley slopes are open for the season following a small contamination contained to both the High Camp and Gold Coast sections. The mountain resort announced in news release that the contamination found during routine testing has been addressed and never posed a problem to the public.

The initial contamination is due to a recent surge of rainfall the area experienced. The heavy rain caused an installed water system to become flooded, resulting in the higher levels of bacteria found during testing on sierrasun.com.

But as a mere precaution to protect guest’s safety, the resort will not be restoring access to that water supply until given the complete assurance of complete decontamination from the health inspector. As of the last update, none of the water supplies had tested positive for e. Coli and reported much lower levels of coliform present.

The resort said in their release statement on Weather “The safety of our customers is paramount to us. We take this issue very seriously, as we do all safety issues at our resort. While this issue is being resolved, our guests at High Camp and Gold Coast will have normal and full access to our facilities, including free bottled water for drinking. We will update our guests when the experts confirm that this issue has been fully resolved.”

Source: http://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Squaw-Valley-USA/6day/mid

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  1. Adams Wingle says:

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