Succeeding in Music with Clay Hutson the Sound Engineer

5:57 pm on March 16, 2018

Successful musicians would agree that music is a challenging career to pursue given the dynamics involved in the pursuit. Clay Hutson is one example of a successful musician who invested time and resources to succeed in the ever-transforming industry. Mr. Clay has been in the industry for more than two decades. He takes his music career seriously. To him, the artistic part of the deal must also be considered. Clay Hutson has vast experience in music production and stage management. These abilities make him a leader in the competitive industry.




Clay is a resident of Glendale. He works in Hollywood. As a sound engineer, his tasks involve making sure that the stage is set for performance. Clay Hutson works hard to ensure that clients enjoy unique performances. He is known for his commitment to providing state-of-the-art machines for music production. His passion is managing live productions. So far, he has been able to deliver impeccable services. His clients testify to this. Clay Hutson loves animation. He also likes fashionable hats. He picked this hobby from his father.




To start off, Clay Hutson’s first performance was with DiGiCo’s SD11. The digital mixing console produces live audio mixing. He loved the size as they are portable. Since he enjoys travelling, this was a perfect set. Clay’s choice relied on how easy it was to carry the items around. He could even slide the DiGiCo’s below the bus. He enjoyed carrying them around.


Stage Management


In matters of stage set-up, Clay Hutson is of the opinion that the size of the stage should not affect a musician’s performance. He continues to say that for a concert to be memorable, the artist should be creative. Clay Hutson also thinks that artists should improve their skills by practising.




Clay Hutson founded a production company. He is the head cheerleader. He has a team of professionals equipped to offer some of the world’s, best services in entertainment. Clay Hutson’s company provides the following services:

  • Stage management
  • Production design
  • Production management
  • Logistics management
  • Monitor engineering


In addition, the company provides tours and travel services. Clay Hutson makes sure that his team works with clients to provide high-standard services. His tour services cover America and Europe.


Additional Information


Clay Hutson is an experienced event manager. He is dedicated and passionate about music. For young individuals who need a role model, Clay Hutson fits the bill. Learn more: