The Future Of Online Shopping

Jack MasonJack Mason Inc & Co CEO, has explained what the future holds for British high streets. In the article, Mason said he believes ‘the future of retail is in experiential shopping. The aim should be to build a place that has a reason to go back year after year.’

The future of retail is undoubtedly changing, but it’s unclear how customers are going to react. One reason for the uncertainty might be the lack of an immediate alternative that consumers can easily switch to. While shop closures aren’t uncommon in this day and age, what does seem rather attractive is the fact that there’s no one tried-and-tested alternative that the public can quickly adapt to.

It’s important to note that Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO isn’t necessarily against online shopping. However, he thinks brands must have an ‘online presence, so they are visible on search engines. He also said that making an online brand ‘seamless’ with its physical store is essential while citing the example of luxury label Louis Vuitton who recently opened a new flagship store in Paris.

As more and more people move to online shopping and, physical retail shops have had to adapt.

In the interview as mentioned above, Jack Mason explained how he believes shopping centers should be able to ‘give a reason for going back year after year to attract and keep customers interested. To achieve that, this means designing an experience that is personalized and unique.

Jack MasonIt’s also essential for physical stores to offer something that you can’t get online. Some experts believe this will be able to be achieved through offering ‘unique services’ or products that are ‘only available in-store.

Jack Mason says this is because ‘for food brands to survive and thrive they need to think about their relationship with the consumer.’ This means making shopping as streamlined and approachable as possible and understanding that convenience is more important than ever before.

On the other hand, Mason also believes that ‘brands should be investing in bricks-and-mortar stores. He says this is because they are still the best way to build brand awareness, which creates ‘trust.’ Another benefit of having a physical store is generating revenue through other avenues.