The Inspiring Career and Life of Eric Pulier

3:46 am on November 18, 2016

Eric Pulier is a well-known American businessman, author, technologist and respected philanthropist who is currently based in Los Angeles. Eric Pulier is the founder of some of the leading organizations in the country. He has also managed to raise a lot of money for charitable causes and investments. Apart from recording a lot of success in the technology and media industry, Pulier is very active in philanthropy.

The successful businessman was brought up in New Jersey. While growing up, Pulier exhibited a lot of interest in media and technology. When he was a fourth-grade student, Eric Pulier started programming computers. Several years later, he founded a database computer company. He was still in high school when starting the company, but he worked hard to make it succeed. In the year 1984, Pulier went for his university education at the Harvard University.

At the Harvard University, Eric Pulier specialized in Literature and English. He would also write a weekly column in one of the popular magazines in the country. Eric was also the editor of the Harvard Crimson. He graduated with honors in the year 1988.

In 1991, Eric Pulier decided to move to Los Angeles and founded an institution known as People Doing Things. The primary aim of the successful company was to address healthcare, education and other essential needs using the advanced technology. After three years, Pulier started Digital Evolution, a very interactive agency that was acquired by US Interactive LCC in the year 1988. Pulier is one of the individuals who played a crucial role in the formation of an institution known as Starbright World. The social network was developed for children who are suffering from terminal diseases. The kids can chat, blog and share their experiences in the platform.

Erick Pulier was nominated by the Presidential Inauguration Committee to design and also lead the execution of Presidential Technology Exhibition. The special exhibition took place in the year 1997, and Pulier was one of the individuals who participated in the health services and technology programs started by the vice president.

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  1. Catherine says:

    Apart from being very successful in his career, Eric Pulier is an advisor, supporter and also one of the main participants in the Clinton Role Initiative. That is to say that is really what these guys are looking towards to.