What is the Secret Behind Rick Smith as the CEO of Securus Technologies

12:10 pm on November 27, 2017

In 2009, Richard Smith became the president and the CEO of Securus Technologies Industry, the position he has been holding to date. Just from the onset of his tenure, Rick Smith changed the face of Securus Technology Inc. from a small city inmate control firm in Texas to one of the world’s most efficient crime control centers. Through the robust skills that Rick Smith has in leadership, many individuals have been optimistic that shortly, nobody in the US will be talking about unwarranted crimes. Bosses are no longer worried about their trust in employees since Rick Smith’s Securus has assured them that the new technology can help in eliminating such crimes through tracking the perpetrators.

Securus Technology Industry is a center for crime control and investigation whose headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company has been on the forefront in the use of modern technology in the reduction of crime among the citizens of the US since its formation in 1986. Through the leadership of the IT expert, Rick Smith, Securus has been able to increase its service base to more than 1 million inmates. However, stagnation is not the portion for Mr. Smith; he has expended the firm to more than 2600 correction, public safety, and law enforcement agencies in different parts of the US. The world’s number one anticrime firm has also proved its effectiveness by providing communication, biometric analysis, investigations as well as public information services in addition to the inmate self-service program.

Richard Smith, also called Rick has a wealth of experience in leadership for over 30 years making him have sufficient skills in propelling Securus into the current state of the global company. Between 1972 and 1998, he worked at the Global Crossing in the North America in different positions. He started his work here as the controller, then as the chief information Officer, and finally the financial manager. Similarly, Rick Smith’s hard work and determination made him secure a lucrative chance at the Eschelon Telecom Industry first as the chief financial officer. Within two years, he had moved from this position to the CEO and the president of the company up to 2008. He is the brain behind the success of Eschelon Telecom Company. Finally, in 2008, Mr. Smith his unique skills and impressive track record landed him to the current company, Securus, where he serves as the CEO and the president.

The skills of this great manager developed through the educational experiences that Rick Smith went through. He has an associate degree in Applied Science, Electric Engineering option from Rochester Institute of technology. This achievement just came after his graduation with a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees in Electric Engineering, Mathematics and Business Administration respectively. He has had a great interest in giving back to the society through crime control and prevention. Rick Smith is an all-around CEO with global respect and will see Securus Technologies Inc. grow to conquer the whole world.

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