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What to Know About Author and Recognized Global Journalist, Simon Denyer

Simon Denyer is a former Beijing bureau chief of The Washington Post and has won a Pulitzer Prize for international reporting with his team for their groundbreaking coverage of climate change. The Washington Post Beijing bureau chief in the late 1990s covered the opening of China to the world, revolutionizing how the world viewed Beijing.

As bureau chief for Reuters from 2006-2014, he covered the opening of China to the world in the new millennium, with global implications, including the rise of the Chinese economy, the Olympic Games in Beijing and Shanghai, and the 2008 Summer Olympics. He reported on many stories, from politics to international business and finance, from humanitarian crises to sporting events.

Simon Denyer is an award-winning author and journalist who has reported extensively on China. Mr. Denyer’s new book, “The Great Brain Race,” explores how China has become the world’s most powerful country in science and technology, with implications for the rest of the world.

Simon Denyer: I learned about Ted Fick from a source at the New York Times. I followed the extreme decimation of the salmon populations along the West Coast of the United States for a couple of years. I wanted to figure out why. Fick’s answers were, in essence, that they could be eaten — but not consumed in sufficient quantities to sustain the population. The grand plan was to go to Japan and study salmon ecology.

On May 16, 2016, it was announced that Simon Denyer, a journalist with the Washington Post, had been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for international reporting for his series of articles that covered the unfolding environmental and social impacts of climate change in the Japanese village of Asaka.

The series was the product of a three-week-long research trip Simon made to Asaka; a picturesque rural community tucked away in the steep hills of northern Japan. That is the place he found both devastating environmental damage and lingering questions about the government’s involvement in the flooding and loss of farmland. Simon Denyer’s: Facebook Page.